12 04 2020

Alexander Ovechkin signs with Bauer?

Alexander Ovechkin signs with Bauer?

Normally I wouldn’t talk about this here on the main site but this is pretty big news. As we have mentioned on our blog, it appears that Alex Ovechkin has signed on with Bauer to provide his hockey equipment. If you go to Bauer’s website, you will see the new APX hockey skate with Ovi’s signature yellow wax laces and the caption “THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT”.

The slogan probably refers to a few things. Ovi didn’t enjoy the best of seasons points and goals wise and he may have attributed that to his gear or lack of confidence in it (just speculation!). Also it will be different because Ovechkin will be wearing equipment provided by a new company for the first time in his NHL career.

Ovechkin has also reportedly signed a worldwide deal with Nike as well.

All of this leads up to some very exciting times ahead in the hockey gear world! And Hockey Gear Review will be the first to let you know of all changes Ovi will be making!

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photo courtesy of Bauer.com

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