10 30 2020

Arena PA, Sharp Sk8s and Game Puck App Review

Game Puck iOS App Review

There is the time honored tradition of giving the game puck to the player of the game in hockey. Now you can do it through your iPhone or iTouch. Hockey Science & Technology has developed an app where you can virtually give a game puck to a player on your team. It allows you to send it to them via email and you have a choice of different game pucks to send them.

It is a simple yet effective way to let you teammates or players know you thought that they deserved some recognition.  You also get a display case that shows off all of your hard earned game pucks. You can also take photos through the app using the iPhone or iTouch’s camera.











It is a great little tool to help motivate or recognize players on team for their hard work and contribution to the cause!

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Game Puck App for all coaches of hockey teams or team captains!


Sharp Sk8s iOS Mobile App

How many times do you get out on the ice only to realize that your skates are extremely dull and are in need of a sharpening? It happens to me sometimes and the worst part is I can’t even remember when my skates where last sharpened.











Hockey Science & Technology has a great little app that helps you figure out when it’s time to get the blades buzzed. The app allows you to record the amount of time you have spent on the ice with the date. If you prefer just the amount of times on the ice, it allows for that as well. And finally, if you need a reminder, you can set that up too! The app allows for you to keep track and figure out when you need to get your skates sharpened. As an added bonus, it also has a equipment list that you can check off.










Hockey Gear Review recommends the Sharp Sk8s app for all hockey players but especially kids and those who can never remember the last time they got their skates sharpened!


Arena PA iOS Mobile App

If you are needing to get your team going in the change room or are a PA announcer at a hockey rink, you may want to take a look at Hockey Science & Technology‘s Arena PA app. It has a whole bunch of the hockey rink staple sounds. The main part of the app allows you to sound a goal siren or throw on some music with the quick touch of a button.











If you are needing some more pre-recorded sounds, they have that ready to go as well. They have situational sounds, such as end of period, he shoots he score, last minute of play and so on. And if that isn’t enough for you, they also have another ‘other’ section with even more pre-recorded sounds. Finally they even have a live audio section.

If you are running a rink, a tournament or just playing floor hockey in the basement and want to give it a big league feel, make sure to grab the Arena PA iOS Mobile App.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Arena PA iOS Mobile App for all hockey fans.


All 3 of the above apps, Game Puck, Sharp Sk8s and Arena PA are made by Hockey Science & Technology and are available in the iTunes App Store.

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