09 20 2020

Avida Sportswear Custom Jerseys Review Part 1

Avida Sportswear Custom Jerseys Review Part 1



When you are starting a new hockey team, after getting the players, the jersey is the most important item. With so many options available, we have decided to take a look at Avida Sportswear. What caught our eye was their reversible jerseys and that the logos and designs are sublimated. Now your team can have a home and away jersey all in one. The have reps that service all of North America and the production of the jerseys are created in Hong Kong. Avida employs top of the line garment employees with years of experience in the clothing industry.

The big thing we noticed with Avida was their customer service. From the get go, they spent a lot of time face to face and over email discussing the different aspects of our design needs. Local rep Mervyn took the time to meet up with us and gave us the low down on the R2 Lite and the Reverse Euro Jersey.  Mervyn and Henry spent lots of time helping to refine the look of jerseys. We went through several design ideas and changes ranging from style, colour to logos. Avida spared no expense in trying to help produce what I was looking for.

R2 Lite Jersey Builder

The photo below is the R2 Lite jersey and matching socks.


The R2 Lite is Avida’s entry-level jersey but don’t let that fool you, there is total customization available. The R2 Lite has mesh panels and that results in increased air flow. But the best part of the design is the weight. By utilizing sublimation (explanation below), quite a bit of weight is removed from the jersey and thus allowing it to remain light and comfortable to play in late in the game. The other cool thing about the R2 Lite is that you can create the jersey online. You can fool around with colours and logos and designs until you get the look you are looking for. Avida will help you with logo design and colour schemes. The colours come out sharp and crisp, with the logos, numbers and text really popping.

Avida R2 Lite example

Above is a photo from Avida of what can be done and how well the jerseys can turn out.

So what is sublimation? Here is the explanation straight from Avida.

Dye sublimation is the process of heating ink into a gaseous state and impregnating it into the fibres of the fabric. The process was made popular in cycling wear and in the hockey world with European based hockey teams. The latter more in necessity in keeping weight and costs down as European hockey jerseys are known for their abundance of jersey advertising.

The process itself involves printing the image using specialty inks via an inkjet printer onto specially treated paper. The paper is then heated onto fabric where the transfer of the image occurs.

Basically any image that can be printed onto an inkjet printer can be transferred onto fabric. However, it takes experience to understand the proper settings, file specifications and print specifications to produce the best possible product.

What is printed onto the paper won’t necessarily look the same when heated as the pigments react differently when heated. For example, if we wanted to transfer a teal or aqua colour onto fabric, it would look almost navy blue when printed. Both experience and process controls are required to properly predict and produce consistent colour results.

Print specifications vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Even if two manufacturers have the same equipment, the results can be totally different. Print quality is a fine balance between time vs perceived quality vs cost. It is a choice that each manufacturer makes depending on their intended market. Printing at the highest resolution gives you the sharpest and most saturated images but it takes the longest time to print. Conversely, printing at the lowest resolution gives you soft images that aren’t as saturated but are very quick to print.  In the end, time = money so it is a fine balance between achieving the best possible results within a given time. 

Here are some of the benefits of a sublimated jersey from Avida.

Cost- Setup costs dependent on artwork. Addition of names, logos, colours, etc… are all done within the artwork and will affect time preparing artwork. Print output time or materials do not change

Flexibility- Anything that can be drawn in a file and output onto a printer can be reproduced. No limits on colours or number of graphical components. Good for variable data such as names and numbers.

Weight- Low because additional of colours or components does not change weight

Durability- High – Under normal washing or wear will not fade crack or peel. Application of high heat will cause colours to fade.

We will continue the review once we have had a chance to use and abuse our custom sublimated jerseys and a review of the Euro Reversible Jersey!

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