10 30 2020

Base Hockey Shooting Analysis

Base Hockey Shooting Analysis


 The people at Base Hockey invited us to come into their warehouse and go though their shooting analysis. Basically you are paired up with a former NHL hockey player who will watch you shoot pucks. Sounds scary doesn’t it! I have to say that I was quite nervous at the beginning because I didn’t want to seem like some hack in front of Cliff Ronning, as he was the one who took me through the shooting analysis.

First they had me put on my skates and fire some pucks in a half rink. They have fake ice that allows you to skate around and warm up your shot. Then you are lead into another part of the warehouse where they keep the slow motion capture cameras. They film you at 1200 frames per second. That is super slow-mo! From there, Cliff gave me real-time feedback on how to improve my shot and the little things to make me become a more complete shooter.

After watching me shot in person and in slow-mo, Cliff then suggested a stick flex and blade pattern that suited my shot and how hard I shot. I ended up with something pretty similar to what I had picked out for myself at the retail level. So at least I know that I am doing things right!!! We took more shots in the half rink and tried a few different patterns, lies and shaft lengths. After all of that, we finally found the right stick for me.

To follow-up the shooting, we were taken into a studio and got to watch the video again but this time it was side by side former NHLer and hardest shot winner Al Iafrate. It was quite something to watch him shoot and to see yourselves side by side. I am a visual learner and watching really helped me see the difference. Once you watch the video’s, you can see how and where to improve your shot.

At the time of writing this post, I have not got the stick from Base yet, but I was really excited to show you the video. Once I get the stick, I will be doing a full review of it and also more of my thoughts on the Analysis process.


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