10 29 2020

Base Hockey Stick Review

Base Hockey Stick Review


Look and Feel

Getting a Base Hockey Stick is unlike your typical hockey stick purchasing experience. The biggest difference is that the stick is customized to you and how you shot the puck. The Base experience includes a fitting with a former NHLer, who helps to analyze and improve your shot. They look at the stick you bring in.

The stick that I brought in was pretty much the stick that I ended up ordering after going through the shot analysis process. I brought my trusty Easton ST 85 Flex Drury into the shooting room and I ended up ordering a Base 100 Flex Drury.

You are able to customize your order in a multitude of ways. The biggest one is being able to choose the right flex for you and then the curve. There are all kinds of aesthetic features to choose from too! You can choose the colour of the blade; shaft and you can even put a logo on the stick. You can choose whether you want grip or not. The possibilities are endless.

In the end, I choose a matte black stick with ‘HGR’ in the logo plate. It’s really hard to say something bad about the stick that you get to design. I really like the matte finish and the all black look of the stick. It is clean-looking and the graphics do not overwhelm the user. Looks great and it feels great.


The stick was more or less tested out during the stick fitting at the Base Shoot Lab. I was given different shaft lengths and flexes to try out. I was eager to try out the actual stick to see if it was remain true to what I ordered.

I am happy to say that the stick was pretty close to what I was trying out at the Lab. Remember that any stick you get, most likely you will have to cut down a little or a lot. In my case, I usually have to cut it down a fair bit. Because of this reason, I usually buy an 85 flex, cut it down and figure that it ends up somewhere between a 95-105 flex. I bought a 100 flex and had to cut it down to the usual length and it created a bit stiffer stick than I would have liked. If you get fitted by Base, make sure to mention that you cut your stick down and they should take this into account when you purchase your stick.

It did take a bit of time to get used to the stiffness of the stick, but it was well within my range. The stick remained stiff yet I was able to shoot well with it. My shot remained heavy and hard, maybe even more so after using the Base stick.

The shaft of the stick seemed to have a bit smaller diameter to it and I could certainly notice it after I went back to my ST. The ST seemed just a little bit larger in my hands and became just a little more uncomfortable.

The blade is able to absorb hard passes than most of the sticks that I have used. Normally when you receive a hard pass, the puck seems to jump off the stick (maybe because I have bad hands!) and then you spend those few seconds trying to recover or corral the puck. With the Base stick, the puck seemed to stay on the blade and those are the few seconds that make a difference!


Base Hockey Sticks are made by the same minds behind Innovative sticks, which was bought out by Warrior. That means that these sticks are made some of the best hockey stick making minds in the business. They have created high-end sticks for a much lower price of $150. For the price and performance of the stick, this is a great deal. You get a fully customizable stick for a reasonable price. Hockey Gear Review recommends Base Hockey Sticks to players of all abilities. You will not be disappointed!

Rating: ★★★★½

What Next?

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  1. ANNE says:

    Christmas 2010 I went to have a shooting analysis & customization session. Ordered my first stick as I feel in love with the way the Puck was coming off the stick. A year later I have ordered my second stick. This year a teammate of mine purchased her first one (with my order) as she spends a good chunk of money on just 6 replacement blades. I’m extremely happy with my sticks & will never go back to a store bought off the rack stick. Forever a Base customer. 5 Stars Plus

  2. Hockey Gear Review N says:

    Hi Anne,

    Glad to hear that you had a great experience with Base. They were really nice and treated us well, so complaints here either.


  3. Zack Folley says:

    What EXACTLY is your blade finish and shaft finish? And is the colour Black Ops?

  4. Hockey Gear Review N says:

    Hi Zack,

    All very good questions. I took a closer look at the stick and it is Clear Shaft finish with a Shark Skin blade finish. Also it is colored Black Ops. Do you have one? Let us know the specks too!


    HGR N

  5. Zack Folley says:

    Thank you so much! I don’t have one yet but I’m planning on getting one today. I was planning on getting one just like yours, just with my own logo of course. Once again, thank you! I really like the set up you have.

  6. Hockey Gear Review N says:

    Hey Zack.

    No worries. I am always glad to help out. Great stick and I really love the Black Ops look. If you are a follower of the site, you’ll know that I like to keep it simple graphically on most of my gear! Happy snipping and let us know what you think of the stick once you get it!


    HGR N

  7. Zack Folley says:

    I dig the Black Ops look too. So, I’m either gonna get the White Ops or the Black Ops. Also, I really like your “simple” style! I’m the same way, nothin’ flashy! And I’ll be sure to tell you about how I fall in love with it!

  8. Hockey Gear Review N says:

    Looking forward to it Zack. Also don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list to catch all the latest from the site and get your friends to sign up too! The more people that sign up, the better the gear we get to review!!!

  9. Mike Roberts says:

    My team mate was bragging about how great his new base hockey stick is.
    And to be honest his shots during warm up looked pretty good.
    But a few games in he broke it. Then he bought another one. Broke it a few games later.
    Next game he had his old stick out and two seasons later he is still using it.
    Kind of a pricey foray just to get a few more goals in rec league hockey.
    Poor guy spent half a seasons league fees on 2 broken hockey sticks that he only used for 4-5 games.
    If you are a junior player and you think it might improve your game, I guess pick one up. But if it breaks during a change in direction and you are on defence, and the other team scores, I dont think the coach will be letting you use base hockey sticks anymore.

  10. Z@c# Mcp#@!) says:

    What is the price for a junior because i am looking at getting a White ops or Black ops but in a junior shaft for my son so i would like to know how much it is

  11. Hockey Gear Review N says:

    Hi Zach,

    Thanks for checking out the site and I hope that the review helped. As for your question, I would like to direct you to Base’s website. I would hate to give you a price and for it to be wrong. Good luck and you sure have a lucky son! Don’t forget to get it customized.