10 30 2020

Bauer 4 Roll Hockey Gloves Review

Bauer 4 Roll Hockey Gloves Review


Look & Feel

The Bauer Pro-4 Roll Sr. gloves is what I would call your traditional fit glove. That means that over the back of the hand, you have 4 protective rolls. The style of the glove is also traditional, simple and classic. The colours are simple, often featuring one, two or three different colours. In my opinion, an all black glove is as good-looking as a three coloured glove. It really depends what you like in terms of style. The glove is a continuation of all the hockey gloves that preceded it. This follows along with a design style that hasn’t really changed in over 60 years! ( I had the Cooper version when I was playing Pee-Wee!) That being said, there is still a demand for these gloves.


The 4 Roll glove comes with standard plastic inserts in the rolls, cuff, fingers and thumb. It features a dual density foam and although it provides adequate protection but it is a lower grade than those used in pro stock gloves. The inserts (in the cuff, thumb and fingers) are made of poly plastic and it does provide an additional level of protection but again is not of the same grade as compared to its pro stock cousin. I find that for the rec level of hockey that I play, there is more than enough protection. I can only think of one time where I got slashed hard enough to even feel it. There is a lock thumb feature, which is a major selling point because it will allow the user the comfort of knowing they will not have a sprain thumb injury while playing with these gloves on. Personally that was the biggest selling point of these gloves for me.

The Bauer 4 Roll is a pretty comfortable glove. The fingers are a 2 piece finger that allows for greater control and flexibility. This will allow you to have greater control of you stick and the puck. The palm is made of a soft clarino and I would have to say that it is pretty nice feeling palm on a retail glove. The liner is made of a vented thermo max fabric. From using these gloves, I would say that this means that they breathe well and have a nice soft feel against the back of your hand. The glove is covered with a lightweight stretch matrix. This is also commonly known as nylon. This allows for the weight of the glove to be reduced but it also sacrifices the durability of a synthetic leather glove.


The Bauer 4 Roll is a pretty good classically styled glove and is priced reasonably well for the level of protection it offers. So much depends on what the individual is drawn to. I am drawn to equipment with a classic look but with a modern level of protection.  HG Review recommends these gloves to any rec level player looking for a glove that is comfortable and has an adequate level of protection.

Rating: ★★★½☆


  • Foams — Dual-density with poly inserts
  • Thumb — Flex lock
  • Shell — Lightweight stretch matrix


  • Overall Fit — Volume fit
  • Fingers — 2-piece segmented fingers
  • Palm — Soft Clarino
  • Liner — Vented Thermo Max fabric



  • 13″, 14″, 15″


  • 10″, 11″, 12″

What Next?

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