10 29 2020

Bauer 4500 Hockey Helmet Review

Bauer 4500 Hockey Helmet Review


Look and Feel

The Bauer 4500 Helmet is a pretty standard issue helmet in hockey now a days. It has been around under various names. You may remember that the helmet started as a Cooper and has been a Bauer, Nike, BauerNike and now back to Bauer. I wont get in to the details, that would be boring.

The 4500 is a good helmet. It is what I would call a ‘slim’ helmet. What I mean is that it is a narrow looking helmet and I prefer that look. Some of the newer helmets are too larger looking. Before this helmet, I was wearing a CCM 652 helmet (designed in the 70’s!). Compared to the 652, the 4500 is a narrower fitting helmet. I feel like it doesn’t cover as much of the back of my head, almost like it is sitting higher on my head (if that’s possible). I have to say that the helmet does fit properly and that it is on there snug. You should never buy a helmet that fits improperly. It should fit snug and comfortably.

The protection level on the helmet is adequate by todays standards. The helmet is fully safety certified by CSA, HECC and CA. So you shouldn’t worry that it is a poorly made helmet. It does feature a dual density foam liner and it does feel fairly comfortable. It also comes with ear covers that curve away slightly from the helmet.

The Bauer 4500 is also adjustable. The only thing is that the adjustments can only be made in the length of the helmet. You can not adjust the width of the helmet. That may a draw back for some. Make sure that it fits pretty good out of the box before you make the adjustments. If a helmet fits pretty good out of the box, then you will have a pretty good chance of it fitting you well for years to come.


The Bauer 4500 helmet didn’t affect my playing on the ice, so that is what I want a helmet to do. You want to make sure that are not thinking of how the helmet is fitting. That would take away from your playing and that is the exact opposite of what you want your from equipment.

As most of you know, your head is going to be sweating a lot while you are playing and you want to make sure that the helmet has good air flow. I would say that the 4500 had pretty decent air flow, even with the ear covers left in.


The Bauer 4500 is a good helmet and it will fill the needs of most players. It is not the most protective helmet on the market but I think that it is pretty good value for what it has to offer. You can find this helmet at almost any hockey retailer for around $75 and for that price I think that it is pretty good value.

Helmets are protecting your head and you need to make sure that you are buying something that is appropriate for you and your history. If you have a history of concussions, then I would not recommend this helmet to you but for everyone else I would. HG Review recommends the Bauer 4500 helmet to almost every level of hockey player. It is light, has decent protection and should be a good fit for most players.

Rating: ★★★★☆


  • Dual density cellflex foam
  • Dual ridge crown
  • Ergo translucent ear covers
  • Quick tool adjustment
  • Floating pro ear loops
  • CSA, HECC & CE Certified

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