10 25 2020

Bauer Gear Selector

Bauer Gear Selector


Now on Bauer’s website, you can go to a cool now feature, the Gear Selector. I went through the process and thought that at the end of it all I would be told that the most expensive product would be the best for me. Well I was wrong, the Supreme 80 skates were chosen for me and the APX 6.0 stick was also selected for me. I was happy to see that Bauer was not trying to sell its most expensive products but those that make the most sense for the particular needs of the player/ consumer!

Give it out a try here at Bauer Gear Selector (or click the image below). Right now you can only choose between skates and sticks but it looks like helmets, gloves and protective are coming soon. And don’t fret goalies, you can choose between masks and protective gear too!

photo courtesy of Bauer.com

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