12 04 2020

Bauer HS22 Pro Wave Visor Review

Bauer HS22 Pro Wave Visor Review



Look and Feel

I have to come clean on this review. I am actually reviewing the Itech HS22/Pro Wave visor. Why is it labeled Bauer in the title then? Without getting into too much detail, a few years back Bauer bought Itech and then simply re-branded all of Itech’s products as Bauer. Before the purchase, Itech was considered one of the industry leaders when it came to facial protection and now Bauer is capitalizing on this reputation.

I have had my Pro Wave visor for about seven seasons now and I am can honestly say it is the one piece of equipment that I do not want to replace. Other pieces get old or broken or its lifespan has come and gone but with the Pro Wave, it has kept on going and has been a consistent performer.

The Pro Wave has two cuts at the top and bottom of the visor in the front, hence the wave name. Think of it as a more exaggerated version of the cut typically seen in the Aviator style of visors. With all HS22 visors, the Pro Wave comes with an anti scratch coating on the front and an anti fog coating on the inside. They are also designed to create an ‘optically superior distortion free lens’. The visor does come with spacers that can be challenging to install the mask, but if I can do it, anyone can!


Lets talk about the anti fog. I used to baby my helmet and visor when I first got the Pro Wave. I would put it away in a helmet bag and I would spray it with an anti fog spray all the time and make sure that I took care of it properly. As time went on and the seasons rolled by, I have become lazier about caring for the visor but it has still performed like it did when I first got it. I haven’t sprayed it with any anti fog spray in about two seasons and it is only now starting to fog up again. I guess that means I should spray it again!

The anti scratch coating has worked well too. But in all honesty, I don’t dive around much anymore and don’t play with people who swing their sticks around. There isn’t much that has happened to the visor and I suppose that the anti scratch has done its job.

A couple of the problems I had with the visor was that, when I was installing it, I didn’t know how close to put it to my face. You don’t want too big a gap because then sticks may have a better chance of getting up and under the visor. But you can’t have it too close to your nose because then it feels like you are wearing the visor.

I have not had a straight cut visor for a while but it did take some time getting used to the cut in the bottom of the Pro Wave. Sometimes when the puck was in my feet, I felt like I would lose the puck for a split second as it passed through my visor and then into my clear vision. I am not sure if the straight cut would remedy this or not. But it is something you get used to and learn to play with.


The Bauer HS22/Pro Wave visor has remained clean and clear and has held up against many seasons of hockey. Although they are on the higher end of the price spectrum for visors (retailing at $69.99), the visor has been worth every penny. If you remember to put it in a protective bag and make it the last piece of equipment that goes into your hockey bag, the Bauer HS22/Pro Wave visor will last you a long time. Hockey Gear Review recommends the Bauer HS22/Pro Wave visor to intermediate level players and above.

Rating: ★★★★½

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