10 31 2020

Bauer Supreme One100 Senior Hockey Skates Review

Bauer Supreme Senior Hockey Skates Review

Look and Feel

What pair of skates costs as much as half a month’s rent and is just as pretty to look at on your feet as they are in your hands? If you guessed the Bauer Supreme ONE100 hockey skates you guessed correctly.  

The ONE100 is the younger, valued-added sibling of the TOTALONE. For those who have or are currently skating on the Supreme ONE95s, the ONE100 is pretty much the same skate in terms of fit and feel with exception to some window dressing and a nicely padded, old school 52 oz. 2-piece felt tongue with lace bite protection.

For $150-200 more, you move into TOTALONE territory; which gives you virtually the same boot with exception to a customizable Reflex tongue, fusion hybrid blades that mate aluminum and stainless steel and ventilated boot soles. Though at a glance one would find it difficult to differentiate the ONE100 from the TOTALONE.

The skate features what Bauer calls a ‘3D AnaFormable ALIVE composite upper quarter package’. In Lehman’s terms, the boot forms and molds to virtually any foot size. This must be true not because Bauer said so, but because Bauer no longer manufacturers widths wider than “E”. The Supreme boot lasts are known to fit deeper in comparison to the Vapor lineup; your feet feel like their held further back in the boot for more of a ‘wrapped’ feel. For me, this resulted in greater stability in tight turns and explosive maneuverability.


The ONE100 possesses everything one would expect in a high-end Bauer Supreme skate. They’re lightweight, extremely stiff and very responsive. Whether you’re taking a series of quick strides on your toes or digging your heels into a tight turn, every aspect of the boot, runner and blade just seem to work harmoniously.  


Players who have flat and mid-arched feet should find this boot comfortable and supportive.
If you can stomach the price, there is a ton of value in this hockey skate. With today’s technology and manufacturing methodology, there’s no such thing as having “too much skate to break in.” As everyone knows by now, the heat molding process removes virtually every pressure point. Of course this skate was designed for serious hockey players looking for big performance but intermediate and recreational players will get just as much enjoyment while looking good.

Rating: ★★★★½


  • Anaform Fit: Anatomically correct ALIVE Composite upper and inole provide a more comfortable fit and more responsive skate. Through anatomical thermoforming, the skate is heated so it can be formed around the ankle and heel, giving a true 360­° custom fit for any foot shape – and a real performance advantage on the ice
  • Lining Material: Hydrophobic Clarino synthetic leather liner
  • Heel Support: Exterior 3D injected heel cup
  • Ankle Padding: Lightweight Anaform Fit foam ankle pads
  • Tongue Construction: Anatomical 52oz. 2-piece felt with high-density metatarsal guard
  • Footbed: Superfit+ with stabilizer grip, ALIVE Composite insert
  • Thermoformable: Full upper
    Outsole: Full Texalium composite
  • Blade Holder & Runner: Tuuk Lightspeed 2 with LS 2.1 Power stainless steel runner

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