11 27 2020

Bauer To Buy Combat Sports

Bauer Buys Combat Sports

Bauer has continued its quest to be the largest player in hockey and has now began the process of buying Combat Sports. Combat is well known for its use of composite materials and is extremely well known in the baseball and softball world. The also produce hockey sticks and gear. And they also sponsor a player by the name of Jaromir Jagr. You may of heard of him! The purchase will also allow Bauer to move into the other sports mentioned as well using the expertise, technologies and intellectual properties of Combat to further their own lines of equipment.

How do you feel about the purchase? One thing I do know is that the number of manufactures is slowly shrinking.

Also don’t forget to check out our reviews of the Combat Pure Stick and the Combat 52Cal Gloves as shown in the pictures below.

Jagr Combat

Jagr Combat2

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