12 04 2020

Black Edge Steel Review

Black Edge Steel Review


What is Black Edge Steel you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked. It is a skate blade replacement. Black Edge Steel is still made of stainless steel but it is coated with carbon. It offers more resistance to dents, stays sharper longer and is much harder. They claim to allow the player to have more control in stops and turns, more resistance to wear and to be more explosive in starts and movements.

Black Edge Steel 1

So how did those claims hold up? Well the skates have stayed really sharp and they certainly do not have the nicks and scrapes that normally happen to conventional blades. While I was out on the ice, I could feel the Black Edge Steel really bite into the ice and I felt more stable while turning. I felt like I was carving the ice up pretty good.

Black Edge Steel 2

carries a major league price tag with it ($119.99) and that is about double the price of conventional stainless steel replacements. However, if you are on the ice a lot and like a good hard edge to skate on, then you should consider getting the Black Edge Steel.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Black Edge Steel to high level hockey players that want sharps edges.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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