10 30 2020

Boomerang Passer Review

Boomerang Passer Review


Here at Hockey Gear Review, we are always looking for new and interesting hockey related products. When we saw the Boomerang Passer, we were intrigued. What was it useful or gimmicky? How much would it help you? We reached out to Shore Outdoor Products and they were kind enough to send us a Boomerang Passer to demo.

I am happy to report that using the Boomerang Passer to improve your skills was worth it. What I really like was the once you made your pass, either the puck was coming right back to you or it was going some where else. That instant feedback lets you know how accurate your passing is. You can make adjustments to your aim or technique instantly without the fear of turning the puck over! It does take some time to get used to the elastic band passing the puck back at you but once you get the hang of it, it is extremely fun.

I would recommend using the Boomerang Passer in an area that doesn’t need to look pretty (ie. don’t set this up in the living room). Even after I got used to the mechanism, my passes still went all over the place and were hitting walls and other things around in the room. Remember that the harder you fire the puck at the passer, the harder and faster it comes back at you!

But you don’t need to worry about the Boomerang passer. It is made High Density Polyethylene (think rink boards). It is durable and yet has the same feel as ice. The puck and your stick glide quite smoothly on Polyethylene. It would of liked to of seen a piece of plastic that was wider and longer (maybe a future attachment for purchase?) but that being said the piece that comes with the passer gets the job done.

The Boomerang Passer is an excellent tool for young hockey players or those learning how to play the sport. It will improve your passing accuracy, passing mechanics (forehand and backhand) and help you develop puck skills (ie. toe drag, etc.). For $149.99, it may be a worth while investment to help your child or yourself improve your passing skills. You can’t put a price on improvement and skill execution!

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Boomerang Passer to hockey players of all skills and abilities but especially to those under 12 or beginners. 

Rating: ★★★★½

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  1. Chase Robertson says:

    would it be possible to use this on grass? i guess the surface needs to be even but HOW even?

  2. Hockey Gear Review N says:

    Hi Chase,

    I think that you could use it on grass but it might cause funny bounces. Who knows, maybe that can also help your hand eye control too! But I do think that it works best on a flat and hard surface.