10 30 2020

Carolina Hurricanes Unveil Their New Uniform Today

Carolina Hurricanes Unveil Their New Uniform Today


It must be a day of new uni unveils because the Carolina Hurricanes also unveiled their newly designed uniforms for the upcoming season. They choose do use their website for the unveil with a detailed photo gallery of both the home and away uniforms.

CH Home1

CH Road1

They have kept the design simple with solid color bands in the horizontal position on the sleeves and around the lower portion of the jersey. The have done away with their signature checkers but the logo remains the same.

CH Home2

CH Road2

What do you think of the new jerseys? Personally, I think that they are clean and classic looking and that seems to be the trend in the NHL (think Tampa Bay Lightnings new uniforms). But don’t you think that they look awfully the similar to Team Canada’s uni’s, especially the home ones?
Team Canada Uniforms
But none the less, I think that they look great. As usual, they are made by Reebok. Here are some more pics.

CH Home3

CH Road3

CH Home4

CH Road4

all Hurricanes photos courtesy of Hurricanes.NHL.com

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