10 31 2020

CCM CL 500 Hockey Gloves Review

CCM CL 500 Hockey Gloves Review


CCM has redesigned their popular U+ Crazy Light Hockey Gloves and also give them a new name, CL 500. The CL 500 has seen new design elements added to successful aspects of the U+ Crazy Light Gloves. The all new CL 500 is extremely comfortable, protective and light.

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One of the biggest design changes come in the form of a newly designed thumb. The Pro Flex Thumb allows for better flexion and grip of the stick, while maintaining its Lock Thumb ability. This is an extremely important aspect of the glove because gloves without Lock Thumb have the potential for significant thumb injuries. I really feel that this is one of the best features of the CL 500.

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The other big design change is the back of the hand protection. It has gone from a thick 3 piece to a multi piece padding. In theory this should allow for better flexion of the hand and a more natural movement. When I was playing with the gloves on I can’t say that I felt a real difference between the U+ CL and the CL 500 glove. That isn’t to say there isn’t some difference but I don’t feel that it is really significant.

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The CCM CL 500 glove has an extremely large cuff for greater movement but also leaves you more exposed for slashes. More or less is it the same as the U+ CL other than one part not covered in nylon and has the U Foam exposed. The liner has gone from a bright red to a more subdued black. It also has a double layered Nash palm, which is really comfortable. It also features well vented fingers with the perforation of the fabric mixed with mesh. Your hands feel cooler and drier, which should allow to bag a few more goals right?

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If you are in the market for upgrade on those rank smelling old gloves of yours, you should consider the CCM CL 500 gloves. They come in at $160 and that is at the lower end of the high end glove market. They are light, comfy, keep your hands cool with maximum protection.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the CCM CL 500 Hockey Gloves to intermediate players and above.

Rating: ★★★★½

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