11 27 2020

CCM JetSpeed Ice Hockey Skates

CCM JetSpeed Ice Hockey Skates


The latest version of CCM’s RBZ line is called the JetSpeeds. Out of all the skates they have currently on the market, the JetSpeeds are lightest ones. They have actually quite lightweight and helps you to fly out there on the ice. CCM completely redesigned the skate and it was created with speed in mind. With its Rocketframe composite shell, they have improved the heel lock and the overall fit of the skate. Without a doubt, the JetSpeeds where the quickest to break in. I felt like they were good to go after 1 ice time. And that my friends, is the mark of a damn good skate.


The JetSpeeds are the most comfortable CCM’s out there as well. That is thanks to the SpeedCore 2 in the quarter panel. All of this basically means that it molds extremely well during the heat molding process. The liner is quick dry and soft but also grippy. That means that your foot wont move around in the skate and allow for max power transfer when you need it the most.


Are there things that could be improved? In my opinion, the tendon guard needs to be a bit stiffer. There is a fine line between stiffness and comfort. It is close but I think that the tendon guard will wear out pretty quickly. I am not that hard on my gear but someone who is will break the tendon guard in no time. Also because of its lightweight frame, getting hit by a puck hurts in these skates.  I have blocked a few shots and there are definitely some stingers. Really no skate can protect you without weighing a ton. And since these skates are designed for the speedsters out on the ice, that is a sacrifice that CCM is willing to take.


If you are a fast skater out there and dont block a lot of shots, then the CCM JetSpeeds may be for you. I found them to be the most comfortable and the quickest to get used to out of CCM’s current line up of skates. These are skates are good for the no fuss no muss crowd. If you are willing to spend top end money ($799.99), you will be getting a top end skate.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the CCM JetSpeed Hockey Skates to intermediate and above hockey players.

Rating: ★★★★½






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