09 28 2020

CCM Quicklite Sr. Hockey Gloves Review

CCM Quicklite Sr. Hockey Gloves Review

Every 2 years, equipment gets refreshed. It is the Crazy Light lines turn this season. You may remember the Crazy Lights which became the CL 500’s and now it has become the Quicklites. What has changed? What is better? What is worse? I’ve been wearing them for quite some time and will share my thoughts on them with you.


First thing I noticed is that the Quicklites are more comfortable than the CL500’s. Its not that the CL500’s are a ill fitting gloves, its just that the Quicklites are more padded. So they are lightweight, have a lock thumb, good level of protection with plastic inserts. All of those aspects of gloves seem to be pretty standard now a days. And they feature a new PE Pro Zote foam that help with increased protection while not sacrificing weight.


While on the ice, the gloves didn’t bother me at all. I hardly noticed them. I have blocked a few shots and had no really issues other than, you know, getting hit with a slap shot in hand! I’ve also taken a few hacks and its protected me well enough. The cuff allowed me to not feel restricted in the wrist but seem to protect me well.


The CCM Quicklite Sr. Hockey Gloves are a good pair of gloves. To be honest, you’d be hard pressed to find a really bad pair of gloves at this price point ($179.99). They are the next in line for an evolution of the CCM ergo fit gloves. They do a good job on improving upon its predecessors. They are more comfortable and not as stiff as the Crazylights or CL500’s.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the CCM Quicklites to all intermediate and above hockey players. 

Rating: ★★★★☆





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