11 27 2020

CCM RBZ Powered By Taylor Made Senior Hockey Stick

CCM RBZ Powered By Taylor Made Senior Hockey Stick

The hockey world was a buzz when photos leaked out of the soon to be released CCM stick with the Taylor Made logo on it. In case you didn’t know, CCM is now owned by Reebok. Since then, Reebok has been purchased by Adidas, who also own Taylor Made. It was just a matter of time before there was some cross breeding! Makes you wonder when some Adidas branded hockey equipment will start to roll out.


We have been lucky enough to have got our hands on the now released CCM RBZ stick and have been giving it a thorough testing. I will have to be up front. The stick is the complete opposite of how I like my stick to be. It doesn’t come in non-grip,  and it didn’t have the blade pattern (Drury) that I always buy. But it did come in the flex I like, 85.


The CCM RBZ powered by Taylor Made took me some time to get used to. But once I figured out how to make due with the stick and specs given to me, there certainly was some really nice features to the stick. First off, the design of the stick is nice. Even though I generally like all black sticks, I do like the clean white look to the lower half of the shaft and blade. The logos are a nice size and not overbearing and they do not over emphasize the Taylor Made logo. I like that because it reminds you that this is a CCM stick made with technological help from Taylor Made.


So the meat and bones of the stick. The blade is stiff but not too stiff. What I mean is that you won’t be miss-firing your passes. The blade won’t torque while passing yet it also cushions the puck while receiving passes. This is due to SpeedBlade Technology in which the blade features 4 channels that are specifically tuned to provide increased feel and control. It is made with a constant flex profile in the shaft, which basically means the kick point is just below where ever your bottom hand is. You really feel this when you connect just right on a snapper or slapper. You just feel the stick actually kick and watch the puck come off the blade hot.



-Changing kick point that is custom to the shooter

-Great blade with SpeedBlade Technology

-Hard accurate shots

-Great balance

-Good durability


-Limited blade patterns

-Does not come in non-grip

-White blade marks up easily (if you care about that kind of stuff)


The CCM RBZ Powered by Taylor Made Senior Hockey Stick is a good stick if you are looking to try something new or a great stick if it falls into your specs. CCM’s catchphrase for the stick is “Strap a Rocket to the Puck” and I wouldn’t really disagree with that. The pucks comes off hot when shooting and is cradled nicely when passing. At $249.99, I would make sure that you are sure you like grip and the blade pattern. If you do, then you are in for a treat. If you aren’t sure, I would think twice about the purchase.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the CCM RBZ Powered by Taylor Made Senior Hockey Stick for all competitive hockey players, especially high level ones.

Rating: ★★★½☆


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