11 25 2020

CCM RBZ SuperFast Senior Hockey Stick

CCM RBZ SuperFast Senior Hockey Stick

The newest of the CCM RBZ stick has been christened the SuperFast. It is among the lightest stick out there on the market, coming in at 430 grams. The blade is built with Speed Pocket Construction for better feel. It also utilities Power Swing technology for a low swing weight which allows players to have a better swing speed. And the kick point is customized to react to where your bottom hand is on the stick. You can thank Taylor Made for all of this inspired technology and you can even see it in the shared RBZ name. It should be mentioned that both companies are owned by Adidas now.


So how does the stick stack up? When compared to the very first RBZ stick, it is night and day in terms of the difference. I found the first one to be stiff and somewhat unresponsive. The SuperFast is an excellent blade, which allows for better feel when making and receiving a pass. You don’t really need to worry about cushioning passes as much as you do with other sticks.


I noticed that when I shoot with the stick it is quite accurate and responsive but also quite whippy. I used a 75 flex and have been for a while with other sticks as well. The SuperFast 75 seemed just a bit whippy than other sticks with the same flex rating. I would rate this as a better stick for players who prefer snappers or wrist shots.


This stick has been tested over a long time, probably the longest long term review we have ever had at Hockey Gear Review and I would say that the shaft of the stick has held up really good. Of course there are nicks in the paint job but nothing structural. Where the stick has started to break is at the toe. I am not sure if it is construction or if it is the way I play. But I do know that I have started adding some extra tape to the toe to make sure it is well protected.


If you are in the market for a high end stick and you are a snapper kinda player, then you should really consider the CCM RBZ SuperFast Stick. It comes in at a high end price of $259.99 but its par for the course for a stick of this quality. It has superb feel and accuracy. It has a custom kick point and weighs next to nothing. If you fancy yourself a play maker, then this is the stick for you!

Hockey Gear Review recommends the CCM RBZ SuperFast Senior Hockey Stick to intermediate hockey players and above. 

Rating: ★★★★☆



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