12 04 2020

CCM Speedburner and Ultra Tacks Sticks Review

CCM Speedburner and Ultra Tacks Stick Review


You get a 2 for 1 review here. When you get sent a few things at a time, its hard to give them the time they deserve each. And then try to write a review in a timely fashion is even harder! So thank you for your patience.

The CCM Speedburner is newest in the RBZ/ Taylor Made collaboration. Off the bat, lets say that it is my preferred stick between the two. The reason is because I was able to get used to it right away. So many things about it felt right right away. The grip is not as tacky, the flex was truer to the number on the stick, the kick point was more to my liking and the balance suited me better.



On the ice, I was noticing that the puck shot off the blade like a rocket. Combined with the factors listed above, I just felt ‘right’ with the stick. I could tell you all the technical reasons why you should get this stick but I will say that this stick is basically for those who primarily take wristers and snappers. Its got lots of pop and you are sure to put the puck where you want it every time.



Rating: ★★★★½

As for the CCM Ultra Tacks stick, even though I prefer the Speedburner, that is not to say that the Ultra Tacks stick doesn’t have its merits. I won’t lie, it took me longer to get used to the feel of the stick, its much stiff as compared to the Speedburner and it took longer to find the sweet spot. Because it is much stiffer, it is way more durable. This stick is a work horse. It has taken a beating and done well so far.



When I am on the ice and once I finally got used to it, my slappers took off. The stick was quite accurate and shoots hard. Passing is crisp, hard and accurate. It will do everything you want a stick to do. I would say that this is the all around stick. Not particularly great at anything but can do everything decently well.



Rating: ★★★½☆

CCM has done well in recent years to improve the quality of their sticks. They now have 3 lines of sticks and are constantly trying to improve themselves. And as those improvements occur, we as the consumers benefit from it. If you are more of a snipper, then I would lean towards the Speedburner ($269.99), if you are a power forward or a bruising d, then head for the Ultra Tacks ($269.99). They are the same price which means you aren’t losing quality between the two, you are just choosing for preference. Look good, feel good, play good…

Hockey Gear Review recommends both the CCM Speedburner and Ultra Tacks Stick to intermediate players and above. 

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