11 28 2020

CCM Tacks 710 Hockey Helmet Review

CCM Tacks 710 Hockey Helmet Review

With all the news about hockey players and concussions, you may want to think about getting a new lid. It does depend on what kind of hockey you play. But your head is one thing that you really need in life. So why not make sure that you protect it the best you can?

The new CCM Tacks 710 Hockey Helmet is a newly designed helmet. It has been designed with comfort and fit in mind. It features an all-new I.Q.shion liner with D30 foam and R.E.D. system materials (impact absorption). Basically, all of this means that they have tried to put the best in class materials into this helmet. It also features just a singular clip to adjust the helmet. It was quite easy to do. I opened the clip, made the helmet as big as it went, put it on my head and then adjusted it.

The size was a bit of an issue for me. Normally, I get a large helmet but the large was just a bit too big. There was a gap between my forehead and the helmet. While comfortable, that is not a good thing because if there was an impact, there is more of a gap for my head to bash around in there and that may lead to a higher chance of a concussion. The medium fits a bit snug but I can deal with that trade-off. I would much rather have a snug fit but know that the helmet is doing its job.

On the ice, the helmet breaths well. I felt like there was good air flow and that my head was relatively cool. The 710 isn’t as long in the back as the FitLite 3DS, so it was much more comfortable. There isn’t much more to say about the helmet. When I was playing, it was comfortable and it didn’t bother me while I was playing. I guess you never know how good your helmet really is until you have some sort of impact.

I was using the CCM Fitlite Titanium Face Cage ($64.98) with the helmet. The cage features thin titanium bars and the chin cup is antimicrobial and features multiple density layered foam. So the reason I am also talking about the cage is that in a game recently, a shot hit me dead on in the cage right where my mouth is. It was a hard shot and knocked me on my rear and then on my back. But the cage didn’t even have a scratch on it and I was fine. It proved its worth right there. If you need a cage, get the FitLite Titanium.

The CCM Tacks 710 Hockey Helmet is a good choice if you are looking for a new lid ($159.99). While there are other helmets that offer more heavy duty protection and other helmets that are lighter, this may be the best combination of the two. There is a really good level of protection and it is a decent weight.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the CCM Tacks 710 Hockey Helmet to all levels of hockey players. 

Rating: ★★★★½

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