11 30 2020

CCM U+ Crazy Light Elbow Pads

CCM U+ Crazy Light Elbow Pads


Right off the bat, I noticed that the CCM U+ Crazy Light Elbow Pads didn’t have the same structure as most of the elbow pads on the market right now. Most of the other elbow pads are made up of two pieces. That is to say there is a main part for your elbow and forearm and connected to that is a triceps protector. But the CCM U+’ers are made up of 3 pieces. A reinforced close molded cap for your elbow with a floating neoprene comfort grip, a Crazy Light Molded forearm part and a Crazy Light Molded biceps/triceps part. The main difference between the two, is that the CCM ones move is two places and most move in one.

How much difference does this make? I am not sure if it made that much difference while I was playing. I didn’t really notice the pads, which means it was doing its job and that it was fitting pretty good too. It did seem to be a little more flexible but compared to my regular elbow pads, I didn’t notice much difference.

The 2 things that I did notice the most was the weight and how dry they stayed. Like all of CCM’s U+ protection, the elbow pads were light weight and featured a lot of the U Foam. What does this mean? It means that it is extremely lightweight. It felt like as if there really wasn’t much there.

The biggest feature going for the CCM U+ Crazy Light elbow pads is that it hardly absorbed any moisture. I was complete astonished that it remained as dry as it did after playing in them. Compared to my regular elbow pads, these ones were very nearly dry and that is an impressive feat. U Foam is water resistant and it does a good job and keeping moisture out. I also think that the neoprene wrap helps with its vented mesh texture. It helps secure your arm in the pad but also helps the air flow.


– Light weight

– Good graphics

– Absorbs hardley any moisture

– Has 3 articulation points

– Good protection


– Fits snug; fit may not be for everyone

– Different shape that what you are looking to replace

Overall, I think that the CCM U+ Crazy Light Elbow Pads are very good. They are light weight, offer pretty decent protection and will keep you extremely dry. If you are willing to spend the $119.99 (seen as low as $94.99) and can get over the fact that it is contructed differently than most of the other elbow pads on the market, then I don’t think that you will be disappointed in the them.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the CCM U+ Crazy Light Elbow Pads for intermediate to high level hockey players. 

Rating: ★★★★☆


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