10 25 2020

CCM U+ Crazy Light Hockey Pants

CCM U+ Crazy Light Hockey Pants


Out of all of the equipment that you have in your hockey bag, I would say that your hockey pants are one of the oldest pieces of equipment in there. For some reason, the hockey pants are one of the last things you replace. Maybe it’s because you are spending all of your ‘hockey’ money on new sticks, replacing gloves with holes in the palms or skates with no steel left on the blades.

But if you are in the market to buy some new ice hockey pants, you want to consider the CCM U+ Crazy Light Hockey Pants. As their name suggests, they are pretty light weight but yet do not sacrifice protective elements to achieve this. The pants feature CCM’s U Foam which is quite protective yet extremely light weight. The U Foam is featured in the hip pads, thigh guard, kidney pads and spinal pad.

The CCM U+ CL pant is a two piece pant which is an added bonus for down the line but shouldn’t affect whether you decide on these or not. The feature nylon on the front and ventilated mesh in the back. The ventilated mesh adds breath-ability to the pant but I question if it will hold up against the test of time and the boards! But during the trial period, it help keep me cool a bit. It does feature an abrasion panel made of ballistic polyester along the side of the pants which is where most of ‘board burn’ will occur. That will help the pants last longer.

There is a flexible tailbone piece made up of three sections. I would have like to see the plastic pieces bigger in width to help for when you crash on your ass. I found it tight through the waist and yet the thighs were incredibly roomy. It also features your traditional lace tie up in the front with waist belt for tightening. There is a lack of additional buttons for suspenders for us old schoolers. You can use the two piece buttons but it gets rather tight. Finally there are zippers and protective flaps in the inner thighs to go with the 4-way stretch.


– Light weight due to the U Foam

– Ventilated Mesh allows for more air flow to keep you cool

– Two-piece pant allows you to swap out the lowers for different colors, etc.

– High density foam for the spinal pad

– Water resistant properties to help keep the pants light weight during play


– Durability and longevity questions

– Lack of buttons for suspenders

– I would have like to see more protection in the tailbone.

– Tight in the waist

The CCM U+ Crazy Light Hockey Pants feature U Foam and water-resistant materials which allow the pants to stay light weight while playing. It also keeps it breezy due to the ventilated mesh in the back. They are quite protective at the same time. There are some question marks about the durability of the mesh panels and of the fit but if you try them on and they feel good to you, then get them for  $199.99 (seen as low as $159.99). Just because they didn’t fit me quite right doesn’t mean that they are bad pants. Quite the opposite. If they feel right, then the probably are!

Hockey Gear Review recommends the CCM U+ Crazy Light Hockey pants to intermediate to high level rec players.

Rating: ★★★½☆


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