12 01 2020

CCM U+ Crazy Light Shin Pad Review

CCM U+ Crazy Light Shin Pad Review


Like all shin guards, the CCM U+ Crazy Light Shin Pads protect you were you need to be protected. It has knee protection, shin protection and calf protection. It is a light weight pad due to CCM using its Crazy Light U Foam along the calf wrap. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that CCM sacrificed protection for weight because there are plastic inserts in the U Foam.  There is also protection for the sides of your knees from slashes and hacks!

I like how hockey equipment has been going to the black colouring. The CCM Crazy Light U+ Shin Guards follow along this trend. The whole series has a black colour with red accents. It is classic and sharp looking.

The knee cap is vented for exra air circulation. I am not too convinced that it decreased the amount of sweat because it was pretty sweaty in the knee cap when I was done playing. What I did like was the fact that the knee foam donut was velcroed in and movable. That means that you are able to a really good fit. It also features a removable comfort liner on the inside of the pad against your shin. This is a great feature because now you can wash that part and hopefully keep the pads from sinking up your bag too much!

Another great feature of the shin guards is that it has an anatomical fit. That means that it comes with a slight curve depending on wherther it is the left or right sided pad. Although curved shin guards is not a new thing, it is still a great feature.

I found that pads to be light weight and quite comfortable. My only real complaint is that the bottom of the pad was too narrow to fit properly over the top of my skates tongue. It just didn’t sit quite right. But otherwise it should be considered a very well designed shin pad.


–          Light weight

–          Comfortable

–          Velcro straps to help secure the pad to your leg

–          Removable and washable liner

–          Anatonmical shape


–          Too narrow at the bottom of the pad

–          Calf wrap may fit tight if you have large calves


All in all the CCM Crazy Light U+ Shin Pads are a good light weight shin guard. It offers excellent protection, washable parts, high density foam for maximum protection and may be a good alternative to your aging shin pads! If you are looking for a light weight protective pad and you are looking to spend $125, then these may be the pad for you!

Hockey Gear Review recommends the CCM Crazy Light u+ Shin Guards to intermediate to high level hockey players.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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