10 24 2020

CCM Ultra Tacks Hockey Gloves

CCM Ultra Tacks Hockey Gloves

When CCM brought back the Tacks name, I was really excited. Growing up there were basically two two types gloves to buy. It was either Cooper 4 Rolls or CCM Tacks 4 Rolls. Personally I had the Cooper/Bauer gloves growing up but that was really down to my dad buying me them. But secretly, I wanted those Tacks gloves.


The new CCM Ultra Tacks gloves carry the name and thats about it. As where the old Tacks gloves where your typical 4 Roll gloves, the new Ultra Tacks are an ergo glove. That means that they were designed to fit your hand snug and move with as little resistance as possible. They are extremely comfortable, light weight and have proved to be durable so far. Of course for me, the bare minimum is that they have a 2 piece thumb. The thumb bends and moves quite easily as well. Despite being light weight, it also has D30 Foam in key parts of the glove.


Once on the ice, you barely notice the gloves at all. You are never struggling to move your hands, to do what ever it is you want on the ice. There isn’t really much more to say. The glove fits well, plays well and is easy to use. I never really struggled with any aspect of the glove. 


The CCM Ultra Tacks Gloves are an extremely comfortable, light weight glove that any player should consider buying. They come in at $169.99 and are as good as any of the other gloves in that price range. Even if you end buying them because they have a familiar name you wont be disappointed.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the CCM Ultra Tacks Gloves to all hockey players!

Rating: ★★★★½




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