10 25 2020

CCM Ultra Tacks Senior Hockey Pants Review

CCM Ultra Tacks Senior Hockey Pants Review

Growing up, there was 2 choices for equipment. It was either Cooper or CCM. It hasn’t really changed that much I suppose. Now you basically are looking at either Bauer or CCM. There are a few others that have come and gone and some that have stuck around but Bauer and CCM are the ones that have always been present.

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My first pair of new hockey pants, not hand me downs, were CCM Tacks. I loved those pants and basically wore them out before I grew out of them. So long story short, the new CCM Ultra Tacks pants had a lot to live up to. And I am very happy to say that they are great.

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As soon as I put on the new pants, they felt great. I mean it has all of the normal bells and whistles with todays pants. You have the stretch, high quality nylon, good tailbone protection, hip protection, zippers in the inner thigh and so on. But you also get CCM’s special 1″ zipper extension in the waist to make the pants just a bit longer. The biggest upgrade is how CCM has teamed up with D30. D30 is an independent company that specializes in impact foam technology. A great and logical partnership in my opinion.

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On the ice, there are no worries. I was moving well in the pants. They were not too stiff and I didn’t have any pinching or anything bothering me. They absorbed puck shots well and hits along the boards. Basically, you can step into the pants and play right away. Like I always say, if you can’t feel the equipment, then it is pretty good.

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If you are in the market for an excellent high quality pair of hockey pants, I would strongly recommend that you look at the CCM Ultra Tacks pants. From the quality of construction, partnership with D30 to being able to play in them right away, you can’t really go wrong with these pants. At $189.99, the price is high for some but these pants will last you a long time and for me, are worth the price.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the CCM Ultra Tacks Senior Hockey Pants to all mid to high level hockey players. 

Rating: ★★★★½

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