12 05 2020

CCM V10 Hockey Helmet Review

CCM V10 Hockey Helmet


Never cheap out on your helmet and make sure that you take that thought with you as you buy your next helmet. Depending on your past histories (previous helmets, injuries, etc.), you should make sure that you purchase accordingly.

V10 Helmet1

The CCM V10 Hockey Helmet is the top of line helmet for CCM. As such, it features a 2 piece EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) liner and a 2 piece HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) outer shell.  If you are unsure what a EPP liner is, think of something similar to a bike helmet’s liner but instead of  foam comfort strips, there are Heat Activated Memory Gel Pads. It creates a fairly comfortable fit around your head. My only complaint about the Gel Pads, are that there is residual glue on the EPP liner and your hair sticks to it. That means when you take your helmet off, it pulls on your hair. Nothing serious but annoying none the less. And no, I don’t have Justin Bieber type hair!

V10 Helmet2

Another great feature of the helmet  is to adjust it, you do not need any tools. There are two simple clips, one on each side of the helmet and all you need to do is lift them up and adjust the helmet to a comfortable setting. Once you are sorted that out, close the clips and you are ready to rock.

V10 Helmet6

I found the helmet to be rather heavy. But also, it should be noted that this is the first helmet that I have used that features a EPP liner. Normally I use helmets with Dual Density Foam and they tend to be quite a bit lighter. It is something that I got used to but if you are in a similar situation of switching from DD Foam to EPP, you will notice it. The other thing is the ear loops and chin straps. I found that they don’t sit flat, meaning that they always pinch in against my chin. I prefer them sitting away from my face. That is one design flaw in my opinion.

V10 Helmet3


  • EPP line is good protection, especially for those with concussion histories
  • Gel Pads are comfortable
  • Easy to adjust


  • Heavy-ish
  • Pulls my hair every time I take it off
  • Ear Loops don’t sit flat

 V10 Helmet4

All in all the CCM V10 Hockey Helmet is a very good helmet. I may have sounded nit-picky in my description and opinions but it is also my job to tell you the good and bad. The good out ways the bad with this helmet for sure. The weight is something you get used to and the glue/hair pulling situation has decreased as time has passed. If you have a history of concussion, you may want to consider this helmet or one with a EPP liner. For the price of $84.99, you may not find a better priced EPP lined helmet out there!

Hockey Gear Review recommends the CCM V10 Hockey Helmet to all hockey players, especially those with a history of concussions.

Rating: ★★★★☆

 V10 Helmet5

*please note that there is no helmet that will completely erase the chance of getting a head injury or concussion.

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