10 30 2020

Combat Pure Hockey Stick

Combat Pure Hockey Stick


Look and Feel

Once I got the new Combat Pure stick in my hands, it felt no different than any of the other sticks out on the market. That is not meant to be a knock against Combat but more a statement that all hockey sticks are more or less the same. You could say that about Easton, Bauer or RBK sticks as well!

What makes it an interesting stick is that it claims to be a true one piece stick that was developed and made in Canada. It is rare in this day and age that you can get a high end hockey stick that is made in Canada. Most are made off shore, usually Asia or Mexico but Combat is different. They are made in Ottawa.


The Pure looks great. It has really nice and simple graphics and is pleasing to the eye. As someone who likes things to be simple and somewhat plain, this stick is good for that. There is no need to be flashy, just get on and play the game. And even though I said earlier that the Pure feels the same as any other -stick, it still feels good in the hands. Why re-invent the wheel, right?


The Combat Pure handled the puck well. I was able to take hard passes and not have the puck jump off the blade like some of the other sticks. Because the stick is a true one piece, there are no seams and there is even weight distribution throughout the stick. It is a very solid stick and while playing defense, I felt like it could withstand a lot of hacking and whacking.


When I was taking shots from the point, wrist shots were good. I was able to control the puck well and was able to aim and put the puck where I wanted with out and trouble. While taking slappers, I felt that the stick was a little stiff. I wish that Combat would of produced an 80 or 85 flex of the stick because although I got a 90 flex, once you cut it down like I have to, it certainly makes a difference to my ability to get that little bit of extra on my slap shot.


The Combat Pure is a good stick. It is made in Canada and is a true one piece stick. You can feel that while taking and receiving passes. Your shot will be just as accurate or maybe even a little bit more with this stick. If you have to cut down this stick, you may want to consider that the Pure only comes in 90 or 100 flexes. At $259 cdn, you are going to be paying a high performance price tag for a Canadian made stick but its not par with other sticks in its price range. Hockey Gear Review recommends the Combat Pure to all hockey players.

Rating: ★★★½☆



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