10 31 2020

Defense Sport Mouthguard Rise Review

Defense Sport Mouthguard Rise Review


Most of the time I play with a half shield and to protect that smile my parents paid a lot for, I also wear a mouth guard.  I have a custom-made one from my dentist and it fits like a charm. But I have had it for many many years. As a precaution, I try to wash it out 2 a year but most of the time I forget to bring it in the house and clean it. Sounds gross doesn’t it!

That is where Defense Sport Mouth Guard Rise comes in. It allows me to easily take care of cleaning my mouth guard without having to remember to bring it in. Just a couple squirts of the liquid on the mouth guard before and after I play and it feels great. I have peace of mind knowing that 99% of the bacteria that grows on mouth guards has been killed.

Where you will really notice the effect of the rise, is when you are playing and that kinda slimy feeling or taste on the mouthguard is no longer there. That my friends is the best part. It feels clean, smells clean and is clean. Nine out of ten dentist agree that Defense Sport Mouthguard Rise is good for you (ok, I made that part up, but you get my point!). And at $18 a bottle, its a no brainer!


– Easy to use

– Added peace of mind

– Cleans my mouth guard for me

– Removes that slimy feel to the mouth guard

– Smells better

– Helps to prevent diseases, such as (meningitis, pneumonia & gi, respiratory and viral infections)


– Slight after taste (but doesn’t last long)


Rating: ★★★★½

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