12 04 2020

Eagle PPF Hockey Gloves Review

Eagle PPF Hockey Gloves Review


Look & Feel

The Eagle PPF hockey gloves are the “other” hockey gloves I use right now. I play on two different teams and they have different colours. For most people, one pair is more than enough and the most cost efficient. But me, I prefer to have the right coloured gloves to match. Call me silly, but thats what I like.

Anyways, back to the review. The first thing I noticed was that they were a 4 roll glove but with a twist. The rolls are on a slight slant which I am assuming is for an ergonomic reason. When you close your hand to make a fist, you will notice that the outer/pinky side of your hand will flex down. The slanted 4 rolls help to mimic that same flex.

The Eagle PPF’s come in two different outers. You can get them in Tufftek/Nylon or Portofino/Synthetic Leather.  I will always go for the synthetic leather gloves if given a choice because I feel that they will last longer. But they are slightly heavier that nylon gloves. They are a clean-looking glove with simple graphics and not too much branding. The old Eagles use to have a lot more.

Once you put your hand in the glove, you will find that it is quite comfortable. The palms are soft and comfortable and after playing in these gloves for a year, they still feel the same way (remember to air the gloves out as soon as you get home from the rink!). The one thing I did notice was that they are quite a bit narrower than the Eagle X50’s that I used to have. The PPF’s are narrower through the back of the hand. I don’t have really big hands, so it’s not a problem for me but for some that have larger hands, it may feel too tight.


The gloves come with a lock thumb (a must!), plastic inserts over the entire glove and split fingers for more flexibility. The split finger is a good thing. You will notice that you will have more control over your stick and you won’t feel as restricted. In the X50’s, they had one piece fingers and although it wasn’t bad, they were not as flexible as split fingers. The fingers are also tapered to help increase the comfort and flexibility.

The cuff of the glove includes a flap that help to increase the wrist movement while playing. I know that in some of those old gloves I had growing up, the cuffs were so stiff, you wanted to purposely break them so you could have more freedom of movement. In the PPF’s, I have no desire to cut them up. The cuff is designed to give you a lot of movement while still giving you a lot of protection.


If you decide to get a pair of PPF’s, I am certain that you will not second guess your decision. I don’t think that you could ask for anything more in a pair of gloves. The feel is superb, the protection level is high and they are styled with clean and simple graphics. Eagle claims that they are designed with pro level feel and comfort and I wouldn’t disagree.  HG Review recommends this glove to anyone who plays hockey and are wanting a pro level glove. You may want to seriously think about purchasing the Eagle PPF’s. You won’t regret it!

Rating: ★★★★½



  • Lock thumb construction
  • Pro plastic inserts in the fingers, thumb, rolls and cuff



  • 14″

Intermediate/ Junior

  • 13″


What Next?

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