10 25 2020

Eagle Talon 100 Senior Hockey Stick

Eagle Talon 100 Senior Hockey Stick


Eagle is best known for their gloves. I remember the first pair I got. I was in love with them. Now they are making sticks. I got the Eagle Talon 100 Hockey Stick at the beginning of the hockey season and have been using it ever sense. It has been through the wars with me this year.

Eagle Talon100

The first thing I was inmpressed with was that it had a bit of a narrower shaft size. As someone who does not have the biggest hands, I noticed the size difference and I really liked the feel of it. It also has a textured shaft for better grip without having a rubbery grip on it. I liked that feature as well as I am not a huge fan of grip sticks.

Eagle Talon100 2

Again, with all top of the line hockey sticks, the Eagle Talon 100 is quite light and great for stick handling. I liked how it took a pass. The puck didn’t pop of the blade. It just absorbed the speed and power of the pass. I also liked how whippy the shaft(78 flex) was for shooting. I was able to get shots off quickly and accurately. I am sure that I scored a few goals that I normally wouldn’t of with another stick.

Eagle Talon100 3

The Eagle Talon 100 Hockey Stick is a good stick if you are looking to try something new and don’t want buy one from the usual suspects. It is light, durable, has a low kick point and is quite whippy. For about $160, it is pretty good value.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Eagle Talon 100 Hockey Stick to all rec level hockey players.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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