10 25 2020

Eagle Talon 60 Senior Hockey Gloves

Eagle Talon 60 Senior Hockey Gloves


First things first, I am a huge fan of Eagle Hockey Gloves. I have been ever since I got a pair of the old X50 Gloves. They were the best fitting, had the nicest palms and just felt like pure gold. The only thing it didn’t have was a lock thumb. My next pair was a pair of PPF’s. They were pretty much like the X50’s except a little narrower fitting and came with lock thumb. The PPF’s are still my go to pair of gloves. So when we got a chance to test out the Eagle Talon 60 Senior Hockey Gloves, you could say we were pretty stoked!

talon 60 1

Now the specs for the Eagle Talon 60’s. The gloves feature an ergonomic design for increased fit and comfort with tapered fingers. It also has a molded integrated cuff for added protection, an awesome palm for which Eagle is known for and a ton of plastic inserts with high density foam. And I really liked how the padding in the glove was velcroed down. It was a cool litle feature.

talon 60 2

Now what did I think of the gloves. You now know that I have a man crush for Eagle gloves but these ones didn’t feel as good as the previous ones. Out of the box, they felt great, nice palms, and seemed like it was going to continue on where the other ones left off.

Talon 60 3

They felt quite tight in the hands and I have small hands. Some players like it really tight but I don’t and found them too tight. I also found it peculiar that the fingers were a little longer than normal. The cuff was also too narrow for me. My elbow pads come down pretty close to my wrist and therefore I need a wider cuffed glove to have the flexibility and movement while playing.

Talon 60 4

Don’t get me wrong, the Eagle Talon 60 Senior Hockey Gloves are a nice pair of gloves but they weren’t right for me. They are better suited for someone who has longer arms than me, that also like tight fitting gloves. If that’s you, then you will probably love these gloves and it will cost you about $129.99.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Eagle Talon 60 Senior Hockey Gloves to all intermediate hockey players and above (as you have longer arms than me!).

Rating: ★★★½☆

Talon 60 5

Talon 60 5

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