10 29 2020

Easton E700 Hockey Helmet Review

Easton E700 Hockey Helmet Review


Look and Feel

The new Easton E700 Helmet doesn’t look like it is that much different from the Easton S19 helmet but you couldn’t be more wrong. They look the best parts of the S19 and looked to improve on it. It is more of round looking helmet and traditionally hockey helmets have had a boxier look and to tell you the truth, it looks good.  Easton also killed it with the matte black finish. To the best of my knowledge, they are the first company to do this with helmets and it’s a great look.

As soon as you pick the lid up, you cannot believe how light it is. Compared to some of the other helmets out there, the E700 blows them out of the water in terms of weight and you also notice it when you have it on. Like most other top end helmets, the E700 uses a EPP foam liner with a poly carbonate shell. This helps is strike that fine balance between protection and weight.

Once you get over the shock of how light it is, you will notice that there are gel pads. As you play and wear the helmet, the gel pads will form to your head and take on a unique fit and that is all you are looking for in a helmet, one that fits all over your head. Easton has formed a partnership with Giro to help bring in some of their bike helmet technology to hockey helmets. They are created a Giro type of fit system for the helmet and your head. The helmet fits snug but not tight. It’s a great combination.


The E700 is extremely light weight and it feels great while you are playing. When you are moving out on the ice, you don’t notice it at all. You head stays relatively cool with the aid of the air vents and I had no concerns about the safety level of the helmet.

I have to say that when I first tried the helmet on, it fit a little tight. I was concerned that this was going to pose a problem while playing but all of my worries were alleviated after the first few shifts. They gel padding formed to my head and allowed the helmet to stay snug but not with the tightness.  There isn’t really much more I could ask for in a helmet.


The Easton E700 is a best in class helmet. But it also carries a best in class price tag. It comes in at $179.99 but I have seen it cheaper on the net. Although it carries a hefty price tag, is there really a price on the safety of you head? It has a lot going for it. The fit and weight are second to none and the addition of the matte finish is the topping on the cake! Go to your local shop and try it on and compare it your helmet and I would be shocked if you can’t feel the difference. Hockey Gear Review highly recommends the Easton E700 to players of all abilities but especially to those that play contact hockey.

Rating: ★★★★★

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