10 31 2020

Easton EQ30 Senior Hockey Glove Review

Easton EQ30 Senior Hockey Glove Review



Look and Feel

Attention to detail. Something not commonly found in the upper-mid entry level- hockey glove segment. Meet the Easton Synergy EQ30 hockey glove, a glove that shares many of the same attributes taken from the EQ50 and EQ50 ELITE SERIES respectively. Such attributes include the same anatomically padded design, triple-segmented fingers,Easton’s patented Ezrgo thumb design, which increases the range of motion and lock thumbs – a feature that players don’t necessarily appreciate until you hyperextend your thumb.

The EQ30 glove is a hybrid design between a traditional four roll nylon and synthetic leather glove with segmented fingers and Easton’s “nextgeneration style” – a style made famous by players like Jarome Iginla.The look is semi-futuristic with different types of boxy angles and shapes that seem to hug the natural curvature of your hands.

The first thing you notice when you slip these gloves on your hands is how soft and snug they feel. The thumbs are well padded, the fingertips feel great (thanks in large part to the seamless Nash overlay palms)and the narrow cut of the glove. Another very fine feature is padding placed behind the backs of the fingertips. All of these features combine to provide a very intimate feeling hockey glove (is that even possible?).


I experienced great command of my fingertips; picking up my stick as it lay on the ice wasn’t an issue. The glove is stiff in all the right places and there was virtually no break in required. This model features a fixed “Flex Flare” cuff that I found to be a little restrictive and some players may find it interferes with slash guards or elbow pads. The benefits to having a glove with this type of design is that it may eliminate the need for slash guards entirely.

The Nash overly and palms felt fantastic. I was able to get enough feedback from my stick and Easton aimed to eliminate the feeling of “finger seams” and did just that with this glove.

In terms of padding, this glove does not feature plastic inserts (which is to be expected) and Easton uses a low-density foam which isn’tparticular rigid. My only other comment is that the nylon finger overlay used to create the seamless feel will be susceptible to fraying if they came into contact with Velcro or another abrasive material.


I would recommend this glove to the casual hockey player who wants a solid fitting glove without having to break the piggy bank. Hockey Gear Review recommends these gloves to the casual/recreational hockey player.

Rating: ★★★½☆



  • FLEX FLARE – Allows for increased mobility without sacrificing protection to the vulnerable wrist area.
  • TRIPLE SEGMENTED FINGERS – Mobility and range of motion is greatly enhanced with triple segmenting of the index, middle and ring fingers.
  • Triple-segmented fingers and Ergo thumb design provide increased range of motion
  • Shell is a balanced mix of nylon and synthetic leather
  • Palm is a comfortable beige Nash with a black Nash overlay that includes the seamless index and pinky finger designs

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