10 25 2020

Easton EQ40 Sr. Hockey Skates Review

Easton EQ40 SR Hockey Skates Review

Look & Feel

Sharp. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when you set your sights on Easton’s newest skate line for 2011, the EQ. This skate is traditional looking yet flashy enough to cater to wider audiences both young and old. Easton’s catchphrase for “composite-graphite-looking stuff” is Texalium glass and you’ll find it on the side wing, tendon and heel. Whether or not it actually does anything is up for debate but it looks cool and adds to the aesthetics. These skates are not particularly stiff when you flex them in your hands, but then again, neither are Reebok skates. The frame of the boot is mounted to a light, stiff composite outsole with Dryflow – an effective air inlet mounted to the bottom of the sole that helps circulate air throughout the boot and something not commonly found on skates in this price range.

My feet are ugly. They’re home to flat arches, long toes and narrow heels. When I slid my feet inside these skates for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. The boot is deep, similar to the Bauer Supreme lineup, the heel anchors are effective and it was a decent fit from heel cup to toe cap that didn’t feel too roomy. The tongue is made of felt, making it soft, a little flimsy but comfortable. It could have been a bit stiff, which would have resulted in a slightly more stiff forward flex. The insole is polymer based, which adds to the life and longevity of the boot. Unlike past times when the insole of most manufacturers was made of layers of cardboard, these skates are unlikely to rot away beneath your feet.

Out of the box the Easton Stealth S17 skate was hit and miss with consumers; prebake, it either felt really good or really bad and there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of middle ground. Easton recognized this and made some boot last changes to the EQ line. The result is a decent fit and feel out right out of the box and very good fit post-bake.

The stainless steel blades are mounted to Easton’s Razor Bladz II runners. The runner design is such that it leaves two small openings mid-blade between the actual runner and the blade. The result is a loud chattering sound when striding or stopping. Somewhat nontraditional by design, but some players may prefer this.


It’s been a while since I wore a pair of Easton skates so I didn’t know what to expect. That being said, I found these skates to be light, stiff and nimble. The deep-fitting boot felt very supportive but not cumbersome when doing turns and crossovers.


Value. At $399.99 retail, this is a very balanced skate for the money. It’s not the stiffest of the bunch, but then again, most skates today won’t give you this much performance at this price. This is more than enough skate for casual and intermediate players. For those skating more than 2-3 times a week, give the EQ50 a look. Easton’s biggest issue with the EQ lineup is its price. For a skate that competes on paper with others priced $100-$125 more, consumers may perceive this skate to be inferior based solely on price. This is most certainly not the case.

Rating: ★★★★☆


  • HYBRID FUSION TECHNOLOGY – Combines lightweight, fully-moldable quarters with composite reinforcement to enhance fit while optimizing response and performance consistency.
  • UNI-BODY – Proprietary lasted-skate construction that allows us to make the entire skate a composite structure, all the components supporting each other.
  • IDEAL FIT – This fit system for Synergy® skates encompasses the foot with thermally activated, anatomical ankle foams and an extremely comfortable felt-based tongue.
  • HEAT MOLDABLE – Proprietary thermo-set glue formulations allow for enhanced comfort, improved comfort and game ready performance.
  • ELITE RUNNERS – High end stainless steel design with a power tab in the middle of the blade for enhanced stiffness and energy return.
  • DRY FLOW – Our unique system which releases moisture and excess heat created during play. Equipment will stay lighter, stiffer and drier game after game.
  • A more flexible hybrid of fit and performance
  • Texalium glass composite launch zones: side wing, tendon, heel
  • White felt tongue with flexible lace-bite protection
  • Light, stiff composite outsole with Dry Flow™
  • Forward Flex Design on junior sizes 1-3.5
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