11 27 2020

Easton EQ50 Senior Hockey Glove Review

Easton EQ50 Senior Hockey Glove Review


Look and Feel

The Easton EQ50 glove is a well styled 4-roll glove with clean classic graphics. As you know, I am not a fan of crazy graphics and design on hockey equipment. Easton has tried to make a difference by adding a split in the 4th roll. This made for a bit more flexion in the glove thus allowing for a better grip of your stick. The fingers are also triple segmented for better control and feel. In truth, I didn’t notice that much difference. One thing that was different was how the forefinger and pinky featured a seamless fit, meaning that it should fit truer. I felt that there was just too much room and that may have been because no other glove has this feature. I think that you would quickly get used to the seamless feature quickly if you bought this glove.

The gloves itself were quite snug fitting. I personally don’t really like a snug feel. I prefer it to be a bit looser, not so much that they are falling off. I rather it feel like my hands had room to breathe. Some people prefer their gloves to fit as tight as possible and may prefer the fit of this particular glove. The EQ50 also comes with lock thumb protection and you know how I feel about lock thumb and if you don’t, all you need to know is you should always get a glove with lock thumb. Trust me!

As for the protection level in the EQ50, it is adequate but not superior. If there are plastic inserts in the glove, they are hard to find. They do use dual density foam that seemed to be fairly strong. I imagine that if you were taking a slash to the hands, you would be protected but I would prefer to see plastic inserts for a higher level of protection.

The Easton EQ50 features a nash palm with a goat leather overlay. I imagine that this would be a pretty durable palm but it is also quite thick feeling. But it does feel nice on your hands. I wonder though if they will get hard like a traditional cow leather palm. You may have never had a pair but once those old leather palms got hard, it took two periods to loosen them back up!


I didn’t really care for how snug the glove fit and the palm, coupled with a grip stick, was too tack y for my liking. I prefer it to feel smoother which makes it easier for my hands come off the stick to make a play. Some people really want a snug fit and they want it to be really tacky. This comes down to personal preference. Make sure that you try the gloves on and ‘play’ with a couple different sticks in the store. This will help you determine what you prefer.

The adjustable cuff is an interesting idea. Some like it short for better movement and some like it longer for better protection. And this glove can do it all. I found that when the gloves cuff was extended to its highest level, it was also at its most comfortable. When the cuff was at its lowest level, it was uncomfortable. The shape of the cuff just wouldn’t sit nicely on my wrist and it was something I noticed. Other than that though, the cuff was roomy with a decent level of protection.


If you really like a glove that fits snug and has a gripy palm, then the Easton EQ50 glove may be the one for you. It does have some things going for it. Easton has made efforts to have a glove that is trying to allow the user a better feel, which will hopefully lead to better control and more goals! HG Review would recommend these gloves to any casual and intermediate level player. If there is not too much hack and whack in your elite level of play, you may want to consider these gloves as well. Easton has priced these gloves at $159.99 and at this price it’s not too bad a deal.

Rating: ★★★½☆


  • ADJUSTABLE CUFF – Cuff length the way you like it. With a 1 inch range of adjustability, performance can be optimized by adjusting the cuff length of the high hand and low hand to match personal preference.
  • TRIPLE SEGMENTED FINGERS – Mobility and range of motion is greatly enhanced with triple segmenting of the index, middle and ring finger for a better grip on the stick.
  • FLEX FLARE – Allows for increased mobility without sacrificing protection to the vulnerable wrist area.
  • SEAMLESS FINGER DESIGN – Seamless on the index and pinky fingers allow for a better feel of the stick in your hands and create better durability for these high wear areas.
  • Adjustable cuff allows player to maximize performance with desired cuff length
  • Shell is balanced mix of nylon and annodized synthetic leather
  • Palm is a comfortable gray Nash with black leather overlay that includes the seamless index and pinky finger designs
  • Triple-segmented fingers and Ergo thumb design provide increased range of motion
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