12 04 2020

Easton EQ50 Senior Hockey Skates Review

Easton EQ50 Senior Hockey Skates Review

Look & Feel

The Easton EQ50 skate is the current top of the line skate that Easton currently makes. Out of the box, you notice that it is very aesthetic pleasing (more of the ‘classic’ look!) and that it looks like a skate should, all black, and not like some moon boot. Much like the EQ40, this skate has carbon panels built into the skate located in the side, tendon guard and heel. They also feature a hard plastic toe cap, which will be more resistant to wear and tear as compared to the old nylon covered toe of previous skates.

Out of the box the EQ50’s felt quite nice. I suppose it may have been the excitement of trying a new skate but none the less there were no complaint about pressure points and any uncomfortable spots. They seemed quite stiff and that should translate into a comfortable skate and maximum power. They also have a nice felt based tongue that features lace bite protection. Finally this skate features a composite outsole with a vent. The ‘Dry Flow’ area allows for moisture to freely escape, allowing the skate to remain lighter and for you to skate faster. My feeling is that by allowing the moisture to escape, you will also see the skate last longer from rotting.


I had these skates baked/heat molded for the best possible fit and then I was ready to go. I was anxious to see how these would feel. All of my life I have worn Bauer skates (except for the one season I wore Grafs) and they have treated me well over the years.

I have funny fitting feet. By that I mean that I have a normal sized heel but a larger forefoot. When you are fitting skates, you want to make sure that the heel is securely locked into place. If not, that is when trouble occurs. You can develop all kinds of problems from blisters to heels spurs.

As a result of my funny feet, the skates, even after being heat molded, just did not feel very good on the ice. Right away I had pain in the sides of my feet, both on the instep and outside. These problems could be solved a few ways. I could get them baked again or I could punch them out in the problem spots (something I have done with my Bauers).

I tried to put the skates through their paces and found them to be quite stiff (in a good way) and that they were generally a good skate. They are what you would expect from a top of the line skate. They are light, stiff, durable and fully heat moldable. My fit problems are easily correctable and are normal but I would have liked them more had my feet not been sore.


As mentioned above, these skates are well constructed and full of top of the line features that you would expect from a high-end skate. This skate would be perfect for anyone looking for a new pair of fairly well constructed skates. Easton has priced them at $549.99 and we feel that is a pretty good price for this type of skate. If you are looking for a high-end skate at a mid range price, then EQ50 may be for you. HG Review recommends these skates for the intermediate player and above.

Rating: ★★★½☆


  • HYBRID LAUNCH ZONES – Feel like your skate was designed for your foot alone when thermally-activated Fusion Foam conforms to every curve. This next-generation design is as customizable as ever, working in concert with two other strategic Launch Zones. Our Hybrid Fusion Technology positions composite components in places you need it most to propel your feet up the ice.
  • HEELING POWER – The integrated EQ50 carbon fiber heel cup is connected to a low-profile composite outsole to support the full torque of a powerful stride.
  • POWER TO THE TENDON – Engineered for the right balance of flex and support this tendon is strategically positioned to power your game. The EQ50 tendon is lightweight and molded to put your foot in an aggressive position to attack the ice.
  • HYBRID FUSION TECHNOLOGY – Combines lightweight, fully-moldable quarters with composite reinforcement to enhance fit while optimizing response and performance consistency.
  • UNI-BODY – Proprietary lasted-skate construction that allows us to make the entire skate a composite structure, all the components supporting each other.
  • IDEAL FIT – This fit system for Synergy® skates encompasses the foot with thermally activated, anatomical ankle foams and an extremely comfortable felt-based tongue.
  • HEAT MOLDABLE – Proprietary thermo-set glue formulations allow for enhanced comfort, improved comfort and game ready performance.
  • ELITE RUNNERS – High end stainless steel design with a power tab in the middle of the blade for enhanced stiffness and energy return.
  • DRY FLOW – Our unique system which releases moisture and excess heat created during play. Equipment will stay lighter, stiffer and drier game after game.
  • Three carbon composite launch zones catapult you forward: side-wing spring, flex tendon and heel anchor
  • True 360° heat customization with an active Ideal Fit™ heel lock
  • Pro-molded white felt tongue plus flexible lace-bite protection
  • Light, stiffcarbon composite outsole with Dry Flow™

What Next?

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