12 04 2020

Easton Mako Senior Hockey Skates Review

Easton Mako Senior Hockey Skates Review

Because of the intense hype surrounding the Easton Mako skates, I wasnt able to test them as long as I would have liked to. So full disclosure here, I was only able to skate in them a few times.

Mako Skate1

Firstly, lets talk about the look of the skate. I have to say that I really like the orange colour in it. I think that it helps to distinguish it from the pack. If you didn’t know the name but went into a store and said I want the skates with the orange colouring, they would be able to help you out. Next is the Extendon tendon guard and the fact that it moves unlike other skates makes it really interesting. It should allow for  a more powerful and complete skating stride. Finally, it is one of the most complete heat moldable skates I have tried on.

Mako Skate 2

The first time you step onto the ice, you realize that these skates mean serious business. When you are tying them up in the change room, they really pull your foot into the skate and takes little effort to get them tight. If there are any ‘hot spots’, the skates are easily re-moldable. You can just heat them up with a heat gun and press out the part that is sore.

Mako Skate 3

Once you start skating around, the most comfortable position is to be in the ‘hockey’ position. That mean knees bent and leaning forward and as a rec level hockey player, I found it rather tiring to like that the whole time. If you are a high level player, then it would probably encourage you to become a  better skater by virtue of the position you have to be in.

Mako Skate 4


– Forces you into a better skating position

– Completely heat moldable

– Solid and stable


– Forced into a bent knee position all the time

Mako Skate 5

The Easton Mako hockey skate feels different from most and for $799.99, it is comfortable yet it is also a very high performance skate. The tongue is heat moldable but also comfy because of the felt. There is added moisture control with the two holes in the bottom of the skates. The composite construction gives it stability for greater edge control and hard turning. But the biggest thing the Mako skate has going for it, is that it forces you into a greater skating position and therefore forces you to become a better skater.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Easton Mako Senior Hockey Skate for seriously high level hockey players

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Mako Skate 6

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