10 31 2020

Easton Pro Slash Guards Review

Easton Pro Slash Guards Review


Look and Feel

If you have ever taken a slash on the wrist, you know how painful it can be! Nothing stings more than feeling a stick come across your wrist with the exception of blocking a shot with your mouth! As gloves have become more and more comfortable, they have also become shorter in the cuffs. Although the gloves are very protective, the reduced length in the cuff has left your wrist slightly exposed.

The Easton Pro Slash Guards are the perfect solution to that problem. Made from terry cloth (think towels), the slash guards are really comfortable feeling and quite soft. There are no problems in terms of the feel of the slash guards against your skin. Because they are made from terry cloth, they are also quite good at soaking up the moisture.

Instead of being made from a single piece of plastic inserted into the cloth, the Easton Slash Guard is made up of 10 pieces of plastic combined with high density foam.  The good thing is that you can remove the pieces of plastic from the cloth. But make sure that you want to remove them because I have tried to put them back in and it is not easy.


The Easton Slash Guards are 4” long and for some people, that length may work. But for me, I don’t need a slash guard that long. They slide down my arm during games and sometimes I can feel them restricting my wrist movement. I find that when I wear a long sleeve shirt, they don’t move as much. The fact that they slide are not a good enough reason not to buy these. They have helped as I have received a few slashes across my wrist since. They do provide coverage in that ‘soft’ spot between your elbow pad and the top of your glove.


If you have good coverage between your gloves and elbow pads, you may not need these. But for those players who do have an exposed spot, I would highly recommend the Easton Pro Slash Guards to you. As I mentioned before getting slashed in the wrist hurts a whole heck of a lot. For about $15, you can take care of that. Hockey Gear Review recommends the Easton Pro Slash Guard to players of all ages and abilities.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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