10 25 2020

Easton Synergy HSX Hockey Gloves Review

Easton Synergy HSX Hockey Gloves Review

Out of all of the Easton gloves I have tried, the Easton Synergy HSX Hockey Gloves are easily the best design they have come up with without a doubt. They have tried to push the design of hockey gloves forward but it was met with resistance. Hockey players like the new stuff but want it to look more or less the same as it always has.

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The new Easton Synergy HSX gloves are from the ergo fit styles of gloves on the market. The traditional 4 Roll gloves have a box feel but the ergo fit gloves are tighter to the hand and try to mimic the movement of the hands. Easton uses a Informed Design that has the breaks in the gloves where they need to be for natural mobility. They also feature all the usual suspects in designs. They have dual density foam, plastic inserts, lock thumb, made of nylon and a flared cuff form better mobility. The palm is quite comfortable made from Ax Suade with textured zones for more durability.

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The first time you play with them on, you will notice that the Synergy HSX gloves are really light and comfortable to wear. They breathe well and keep your hands cool while playing. Your hand moves as it wants to and you don’t really have to think about it too much. My only complaint is that every time I took my gloves off to wipe my face or whatever, the liner would come out of the glove. It was a bit annoying but I guess that means that they fit that tight to the hand!


If you are looking for new gloves and you are looking for ergo fit ones, then you should really consider the Easton Synergy HSX Hockey Gloves. At $149.99, they are in the middle of the high end market in terms of price. If you have large hands, you may want to have a hard think about these gloves before you purchase them. These gloves will protective you when you need it, keep your hands cool and look pretty good while playing!

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Easton Synergy HSX Hockey Gloves to intermediate hockey players and above. 

Rating: ★★★★☆

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