10 25 2020

Easton Synergy Skate Socks Review

Easton Synergy Skate Socks Review



Look and Feel

I am not sure what you prefer, but I prefer to wear socks in my skates. I have never really understood why people insist on going barefoot. More or less it grosses me out and I think that it’s unhygienic. That being said, if it works for you, goes for it.

Most of the time, I wear two different types of socks in my skates. The first being cotton socks ($4.99) and the other being soccer socks made of wicking materials (found them cheap, $7.99 at Winners in Canada and at Ross Dress for Less in the US).

The cotton socks are commonly found at any hockey store and they are the thin but cheap ones. They do the job but I really notice that after getting my latest pair of skates, my feet were soaking wet at the end of the game. The soccer socks are great for keeping my feet dry and they last longer than the cheap cotton ones. The only problem is that they are too long. They are not designed with hockey in mind. They have all that extra fabric/length so you can fold them over just under your knee or even wear them over your knees. I find that when you fold them over, the shin pad doesn’t sit quite right and pulling the socks over my knee felt weird.

That is where the Easton Synergy Skate Sock comes in. They are made of nylon and spandex and they feel great. They don’t have the roughness that cotton can get over time and use and don’t have the extra fabric that the soccer socks have. The Easton socks have a nice soft feel and the best part is that they are the perfect length, just below the knee.


You may ask who the heck cares about socks! Well, I think that you should care about the socks you wear in your skates. From my experience, the wetter my feet feel in skates, the more I can feel them slipping around. That slipping will affect your performance on the ice and your ability to skate.

Once you wear a sock that has wicking ability, you will not want to go back. After wearing the Easton socks, I noticed that my feet were considerably drier and that they were not slipping around in my skates. Easton uses Bio-Dry technology to accomplish this and I would have to say that it works.

In the specs, Easton says that they are also designed to prevent lace bite.  I am not so sure about this. Lace bite is more down to ill-fitting skates. If you are experiencing lace bite, I would suggest that you have your skates re-fitted or re-molded. The socks shouldn’t really matter.

Are they better than the high performance soccer socks? In terms of performance, I would say they do the same thing but the biggest difference is that soccer socks are made for soccer. That means they will have extra length/fabric and are not as comfortable as a sock that is made for hockey.


The Easton Synergy Skate Socks will run you about $9.99 and I think that it is a good investment. They will keep your feet drier and in more comfort than your run of the mill cotton socks (especially the ones I wore growing up!). They will last longer and are cheaper than most of the competition. That is a plus right there! Hockey Gear Review recommends the Easton Synergy Skate Sock to players of all ages and abilities.

Rating: ★★★★½

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