10 25 2020

Easton V9E Grip Senior Hockey Stick Review

Easton V9E Grip Senior Hockey Stick Review

Easton’s latest offering is exactly what you are looking for, especially if you have owned a S17, S19, Rs or RS2. The V9E is the continuation of an already great stick. When Easton introduced the elliptical taper profile with the S17, my immediate thoughts were that it elevated you from whatever level of shooter you were to the next level. You could really feel the stick work, bend and whip while you were shooting the puck. It is a feature that goes unrivalled.

Easton V9E 1

When you feet the stick in your hands for the first time, you can feel the balance and how it seems to fit just perfect in your hands. It is your standard stick in terms of shaft shape and dimensions but there is something about the look of the elliptical shaft that makes the difference. It is a unique look among hockey sticks right now and as silly as it sounds, you feel like its going to do something a little more for you. My big beef with the S17 was that it was brittle, it broke to easy. I broke mine going for a 50-50 puck and my blade touched the other players blade and crumpled. As with the next generation of anything, Easton has addressed the quality and construction of the shaft. It has withstood many hacks and whacks and has also taken the best beating I could lay on it!

Easton V9E 2

My big beef with the RS was that the blade got soft quickly. It seemed to be the common complaint at my local hockey store. They were getting complaints about the same thing. Easton has the blade constructed with a Mulit-Rib Core construction that allows for a more consistent performance. The blade seems to be pretty responsive. New this year is the Hypertoe, which allows the shooter to increase the velocity of the puck off the toe of the stick. I felt that the puck just snapped off of the stick. Getting quality shots off was never a concern.

Easton V9E 3


– light weight

– consistant quality product

– extremely responsive

– goal scorers stick


– not a huge fan of the bright orange colour scheme

– limited patterns released

– name of the line keeps changing. Pick a name a stick with it.

Easton V9E 4

Easton has continued to produce a quality stick in the V9E. They developed a stick that was wildly popular in the S17 and have continued on with that. Although I am not a huge fan of the bright orange that comes with the grip version and think that the white/grey scheme for the non-grip version is somewhat uninspired, it really does not distract from the fact that it is a great high end stick. It does come with a high end price tag of $259.99 but is in range with what you would expect for that price. The EastonV9E is a great, responsive and light weight stick and certainly worth your consideration.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Easton V9E Senior Hockey Stick to high level players.

Rating: ★★★★½

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Easton V9E 6

Easton V9E

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