11 28 2020

Elite Hockey Compression Grip Pants Review

Elite Hockey Compression Grip Pants Review


I do not usually wear compression anything, so putting on the Elite Hockey Compression Grip Pants was quite a different feeling. I wear long johns but they are tight-ish but not compression style.

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The first thing that I noticed was how tight it felt all over. If was tight but not uncomfortable. However, it did take me till the end of the warm up to get used to it. I found it particularly tight behind the knees, otherwise there were no other ‘hot’ spots so to say. It was just tight!

Elite Compression Grip Pants1

The Elite Compression Pant features their bamboo technology and what that does is it allows the garment to be hypo-allergenic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiodor, moisture controlling and thermo regulating. What is there not to like about all of those properties. And after using the pants, I have to say that they all are true.

Elite Compression Grip Pants2

Other than the tightness, which did go away, I found the pants to be light weight and fit well. Again, the pants also featured Elites pro vent tech, which allows the pants to be ultra light weight, have 4-way flex, increased air flow and moisture transfer. All of these claims rang true while using the compression pants. Like I always say, if you don’t notice the equipment while you are playing, then it is doing its job well. The Elite pants did their job after I got used to how tight they were!

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They do come with the pro fit jock which is quite comfortable due to the flex sides and the soft shell covering the hard cup. It also has air vents to allow cooling and is quite light weight. It is also is a ‘banana’ shaped cup, which allows for more comfort.

Elite Pro Vent Cup

The final aspect of the pants and probably the best part is the grip. Most times when we test out base layers with grip, they don’t work all that well. But that is not the case here. Once I put my shin pads on, they did not move at all. They were stuck in place really well. They didn’t slide side to side or up and down and anyone who plays know it can be rather annoying if it does. Problem solved!

Elite Pro Vent Cup

The Elite Hockey Compression Grip Pant is well made and a good buy for those who like to wear compression pants. They help to keep the muscles warm yet not overheat. It you have hamstring problems, these pants will help keep them loose and limber! At $69.99, these pants are at the higher end of the price scale but remember that you get bamboo and all of its technology, the grip, the built-in jock and Velcro patches for your socks.

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Hockey Gear Review recommends the Elite Hockey Compression Grip Pants to all hockey players rec level and up, as long as they are looking for a compression style pant.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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