10 31 2020

Elite Hockey Pro Vent Loose Long Sleeve Top Review

Elite Hockey Pro Vent Loose Long Sleeve Top Review

Think of hockey equipment as a puzzle. You need many different pieces to make a complete picture and it takes a lot of different pieces to make you feel good on the ice. Base Layers are one of those pieces. I know that some like to wear nothing and some wear ratty old t-shirts but with today’s fabrics, there is no reason not to wear some sort of moisture wicking layer. I used to wear old shirts and remembered how they got soggy with sweat and would weigh so much more at the end of the game compared to the beginning of the game. I finally realized that wearing moisture wicking base layer pieces help keep me dry but also reduced the weight I was wearing.

Elite Loose Long Sleeve1

Personally I prefer long sleeve shirt as it prevents your skin from sweating directly into your gear. This prevents the equipment from smelling horrible and that can only be a good thing. I love long sleeve base layer shirts and that is exactly what I tried out from Elite Hockey.

Elite Loose Long Sleeve2

The Elite Hockey Pro Vent Loose Long Sleeve Top is a good shirt that fits pretty well. I wore the loose fit shirt but have to admit that loose-fitting is a general term. If you are fit, then it’s loose. If you are not so fit, then it’s not so loose! But fit aside, the shirt is quite nice.

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The shirt features Elite’s Pro Vent Tech mesh panels. This helps increase air flow to keep you cool, help with moisture transfer, keeps the shirt light weight and has stretch and flexibility. But the biggest advantage of the Elite shirt is that it is made with Bamboo.

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If you are someone who is prone to itchiness or rashes caused the shirts that you are wearing, then this may be a solution. Bamboo has very interesting nature properties that are desirable in a base layer shirt. It is hypoallergenic, antibacterialanti-fungal, anti-odor, naturally wicks moisture and thermo regulating. But what does that mean for you? It means that you will notice a reduction in the ‘hockey smell’ and feel more comfortable on the ice. And that is exactly how I felt out there.

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I never noticed the Elite base layer shirt while I was playing and that’s a good thing. It never caused discomfort or any distractions while playing. After the game, I really noticed how relatively dry the shirt was at the end of the game. It wasn’t soaking, yet I knew that I was sweating out there. It kept me dry and cool and comfortable on the ice.


– keeps you cool

– anti bacterial

– anti fungal

– anti odor

– wicks away moisture

– no rubbing or itchiness caused by the shirt


– not as loose-fitting as I would have liked (ie. I need to lose weight!)

Elite Loose Long Sleeve6

The Elite Hockey Pro Vent Loose Long Sleeve Top is a base layer. It is good for those who find discomfort in what they are wearing now. It helps keep you comfortable, cool and dry while playing. That can only help keep you focusing on your job on the ice rather than thinking of how uncomfortable you feel. For $44.99, it is a little more than its competition but has some qualities that other do not. If you have any of the issues raised above with your current set up, I would highly recommend that you think of Elite.

Hockey Gear Review recommends Elite Base layer Loose Fit Vented Shirts for all hockey players

Rating: ★★★★½

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