10 25 2020

Ever Bamboo Hockey Deodorizer Review

Ever Bamboo Hockey Deodorizer Review


You know it and I know it. Your hockey gear stinks. Some of your teammates are worse. A lot worse. Like rotting food bad. But your stuff stinks too! Sure, there are ways to help yourself out. Wear long sleeve shirts, compression tights, socks in your skates. But no matter what you do, its gonna stink a little.


So that is where Ever Bamboo comes into the picture. You might have tried a deodorizing spray but that just sits on the smells and actually adds to the moisture. Ever Bamboo is different. Its an all natural product made of Bamboo Charcoal.

So what is Bamboo Charcoal you might ask? Here is the explanation from the company.


Harvested from the rapidly growing Moso Bamboo, its naturally occurring porous structure has millions of microscopic holes which pull and absorb odour and moisture from the air. Bamboo charcoal is natural, sustainable, reusable and recyclable. With its non-toxic and eco-friendly attributes, it is literally nature’s way of eliminating life’s stinky stuff!

Basically leave it in your gear or your bag and it will help absorb some of that smell. And you can recharge the packages in the sun for a couple of hours every month. Pretty easy. But does it work?


To be fair, I found some of the worst dead body smelling gear I could find. This goalie gear is used for roller hockey and just wreaks. I put the Bamboo Charcoal in there to really put it to the test. So after a few days, I took it out to see if things improved. Well…it helped. The smell wasn’t gone completely but it was more tolerable for sure. I think that if you have new gear and used Bamboo Charcoal right away, it will help guard against the build up of stink and help to ward off those awful smells.


Bamboo Charcoal Hockey Deodorizer would a good start in the war against that horrible hockey smell. I think it would be good for travelling hockey teams whose gear sits stewing in its own stink for hours on end. For $35, it is a worth while investment.

Hockey Gear Recommends Ever Bamboo Hockey Deodorizer to all hockey players.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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