10 25 2020

Evo Shield Slash Guards Review

Evo Shield Slash Guards Review



Look and Feel

When I first read about Evo Shield form-fitting protection, I was naturally curious. How could they make a slash guard that was form-fitting yet protective? I admit that I was a little skeptical about how protective it was going to be. When I got the package, there were two neoprene sleeves (think wet suit) and two silver packages with the custom-molding gel inserts.

Feeling the inserts through the packaging, they felt quite soft and rather non protective. Of course on the packaging it said something to effect, caution do not open package until ready to use. Of course my curiosity is quite piqued now.

Back to the neoprene sleeve. If you have ever put on a wet suit, it takes a lot of energy and that thing is on you tight. The same goes for Evo Shields sleeves. They are on your wrist quite tight and if you are not used to the feeling, it can be quite different. I found that they become more comfortable the more that you use them.

To mold the gel inserts to your wrist area, you first put on the neoprene sleeves and then open the package and take out the gel inserts. You put them into the sleeves (there are pockets for them in the sleeves) and watch the ‘Gel To Shell’ technology work. Basically you wear the slash guards for about 30 minutes and you will see the soft gel inserts transform into hard rigid shields. It’s quite cool to see and feel the process happen.


The Evo Shields fit into my gear quite seamlessly. They are not as bulky as some of the other wrist slash guards out on the market and therefore do not have the bulky feeling while wearing them. The Evo Shield is light and has a compression fit. The compression fit felt like it was trying to snap my wrist back into a natural position. It felt it was giving a little bit of extra pop to my shot. I know that most likely it was in my head but you never know!

After wearing the Evo Shield during the molding part, I felt like I became more comfortable with them on. Once I had them on and put the rest of my gear on, I couldn’t feel them, meaning that they were not uncomfortable or causing my to focus on adjusting them. The compression fit allowed them to stay in place. It was up to me to find the right spot in the changing room. Once I was able to find the sweet spot, they stayed there until I pulled them off after the game.

And lets not forget about the original purpose of the shields, protection! They form into an extremely rigid shield that is more than capable of protecting you from a hard slash. According to Evo Shield, the guards help to disperse the impact rather than absorbing it, thus creating better protection.


If you have a significant gap between the bottom of your elbow pad and the cuff of your glove, you should seriously think about getting wrist slash guards. Nothing hurts more than getting wrapped across the wrist by a slash (expect for blocking a shot with your instep!) and there is no reason not to protect yourself. For $39.99, you can get yourself some of the best wrist protection out on the market. The Evo Shield provides a lot of protection and won’t slide around your arm like some of the competition. True, they are a little more but what is the price of protecting yourself? Hockey Gear Review recommends the Evo Shield Slash Guards to any player in any level. They are a great investment and you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: ★★★★★

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