10 01 2020

Exclusive Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skates Interview Part 1

Exclusive Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skates Interview Part 1


We were lucky enough to interview Jason Bird Clarke, who is a senior skate designer at Bauer. More specifically, he helped to design the all-new Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skates that will be released to the market on July 13th, 2018. Jason has provided us with a rare and unique look into the process of designing skates at Bauer.

We are very thankful to Jason, Senior Industrial Designer and the team at Bauer Hockey for providing us with this extraordinary chance to learn more about the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skates.

Here is part 1 of our interview.What are you most excited about the new Supreme 2S Pro’s?

We were given the opportunity to really elevate the performance of our previous elite level Supreme skate. Besides finally creating a dark, aggressive-looking technical skate, I’m probably just as excited about the skate’s Precision Fit Technology, which is essentially the improved fit, lock and comfort. The better fit means better performance. We re-engineered the interior construction and brought in the Lock-Fit Pro liner to suck your heel into place. We also added the Lock Fit+ facing with three extra eyelets for extra support and a fit catering to a bigger or smaller ankle. The Reflex tongue and Carbon Curv Composite Quarter combine for premium thermoforming which will provide the foot with a 360-degree fit. The 2S Pro comes with the new Speed Plate 2.0 which adds extra support, balance, and comfort. In other words, there’s so much to be excited about.

What are the changes/ technological advances we can look for in the new skate? For example, the skate tongue appears to be different from the photos that have leaked out.

There are quite a few upgrades and advances on the 2018 2S Pro’s compared to the previous 1S.

So many people are excited about the LS5 carbon-coated steel. It has a slightly softer inner stainless steel core with a high-quality carbon-coating. This combination creates an extremely high-quality edge with bite and keeps its edge for a longer period of time.

As I mentioned, the updated Lock-Fit Pro liner really holds the foot in place by using our pro ‘grip’ fabric combined with better anatomically shaped foams that wrap the tendon.

Also, the new injected eyelet ‘Lock FIT+ Facing’ as we call it, has several major improvements that might go under the radar. Like all of our eyelet facings they help maintain the structural integrity of the boot under extreme pressure or torsion, but at the same time, they also create a ‘spring-back’ effect with each stride. On the 2S Pro, we increased the amount of forefoot wrap so that the skate can be laced tighter to achieve that truly ‘locked-in’ fit. I also knew that some of our elite and pro level players weren’t able to use previously injected facings because they wanted a more customized fit, so I proposed an additional 3 eyelets in the upper portion that allow any player to customize their lace pattern to their performance and/or comfort needs.

The 2S Pro is a great skate for the coast-to-coast style of player, so we created a tongue that would help increase the player’s power. We also improved the comfort with a 3 piece, 52 oz felt interior. We developed, prototyped and tested several different tongue designs, and by working closely with our Field Test Team, we validated and finalized the new Reflex Pro Tongue as you see it.

I also want to mention our new Curv composite (we’ve named ‘Carbon Curv’). It isn’t just a visual change – It’s a new weave pattern that creates a strong, rigid and lightweight composite that will give elite players support and stability.

Speed Plate 2 is a huge improvement with more support, durability and comfort. It keeps the player in a more upright and balanced skate position offering more power on every stride.

How did player feedback influence the design process? Did it lead to any direct design elements?

Engaging with the players is crucial to advancing the skates each season. Only through our player feedback can we identify the key areas where we could improve on. For example, how could we achieve a better ‘lock’ of the heel or improve the protection in the tongue area. We then work with our Field Test Team to pinpoint exactly where the problem is and troubleshoot many ways to find the right solution.

What was your inspiration when designing the new 2S Pro’s?

Each of our product families has their own visual design philosophy. We wanted the show that the 2018 Supreme line is a serious, powerful, technical product. When it comes to the look of the skate, we’re quite aware that many players want a very high quality, premium looking skate. The inspiration for the visual design of the 2S Pro came from several places, including mech and video game characters, comic book concept art, automotive design concepts and several other industries.

Part 2 of our interview with Jason Bird Clark, Senior Industrial Designer at Bauer, will be coming soon!

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