11 29 2020

Firstar Triple Threat Shirt Review

Firstar Triple Threat Shirt Review


As with all aspects of hockey, there is constant innovation in the industry. This also applies to the stuff you wear under your gear! Gone are the days of wearing your old ‘team building 99’ shirt under your shoulder pads. There are a myriad of companies who now create shirts that keep you cool and dry while you play. That is where Firstar come into the picture. You may recognize the name as they have created a line of clothing featuring the Canucks Ryan Kesler. Firstar has now come out with its performance shirt, the Triple Threat Shirt.

Look and Feel

When I first got the shirt, the first thing I noticed was how small it was! I received a size large but it looked more like a child’s large. I was that guy who wore a ‘team building 99’ shirt under my gear, so this shirt was quite a departure from that. I like to be comfortable and this shirt certainly didn’t look like it would be!

The Firstar Triple Threat shirt is made from their patented T3 technology. Firstar has designed the shirt to be more ergonomical, which leads to a greater range of motion, less fatigue and more freedom of movement. It also features MTS (moisture transfer system) and Bact-Out. MTS removes the sweat from your body for you and Bact-Out kills 99.9% of fungi and bacteria it comes in contact with. There seems to be a lot of punch in this shirt!

Once I put on the shirt, it looked exactly how I thought it would. I am not exactly fit and ripped like a professional athlete. I am a little rounder to say the least! It was tight but not restrictive. It fit extremely close to the chest and back but in the underarms it was relatively lose. As you move your arms, it almost seems like the shirt wants to pull your arms back to its natural position.


I was pleasantly surprised on how little I noticed the shirt while I was playing. Any of the tightness I was feeling before in the change room was gone. The Triple Threat was remarkably comfortable while I was playing. Before with the old cotton shirts, we knew how hard you had worked by how heavy your shirt was feeling. But as the game wore on, the Triple Threat remained light and didn’t have the drag that the cotton shirts had.

After the game was done, I was amazed at how light the shirt remained even though it had taken most of the sweat off of me. I didn’t feel as sweaty as before but I am not sure about the fatigue factor. I am not a finely tuned machine, so it probably helped but in a small amount and my lungs still hurt after the game!


The Firstar Triple Threat shirt is great base layer piece. Competitively priced at $49.99 for the short sleeve and $54.99 for the long sleeve, the shirt will surely make a great addition to your hockey gear.  I experienced no problems with the shirt other than it fitting rather snugly. Despite its close fit, it did not restrict any of my movements and the shirt did what it claimed to do. It kept me cool and dry and those are the factors that matter. If you can get beyond the close fit of the shirt, then I am sure you will be happy with it! Hockey Gear Review recommends the Firstar Triple Threat shirt to hockey players of all levels and ages.

Rating: ★★★★½

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