10 31 2020

Game On Glove Review

Game On Glove Review


If you have been to an NHL game in person, you will notice a few (or a lot) of fans drinking from oversized hockey gloves. You have seen them before, they’re big, made of foam and are in your favorite teams colours. What you are looking at is the Game On Glove. It is the perfect fan accessory while watching a hockey game. They are perfect for hold the stadium cups or pop cans!

Like all products on this site, we put the Game On Glove through some extensive testing and found that no matter how many pops you have during the game, GOG enhances the experience. It is made of foam and that allows it to be lightweight for easy drinking action and if it happens to fall off of your hand (for what ever reason), it will land softly on your floor! It holds most drinks and is light enough to pump your fist when your team scores and it won’t hurt your buddy when you punch him because (insert player name) missed an open net!

Game On Glove is the perfect gift for you or any sports fan you know. Why hold a cold pop in your hand when you could hold it with a Game On Glove! At $34.99, it is not the cheapest fan accessory nor is it the most expensive but if sure provides fun. Hockey Gear Review recommends Game On Glove for all hockey fans.


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