11 28 2020

Game On Images Review

Game On Images Review


At Hockey Gear Review, we have very lucky to have different hockey related items send through the office. One of these items was from Game On Images. If you have gone to an NHL game lately, you may have seen them in the shop. They are the painted images of your favorite hockey player on canvas.

Game On Images commishioned North Vancouver artist, Glen Green to create unique one of a kind portraits of NHL stars in action. They then take these images and reproduce them with state of the art computer technology. Then Game On Images stretches the canvas on a frame, gallery wrapped with the corners wrapped and shrink wrapped for retail. You will be able to find players, NHL logos on their site and you can even have custom prints and framing done too!


What impressed me the most is the life like quality of the images. You can feel the movement and action happening. You can see the determination of the players on the canvas. And because the prints are produced on canvas, they are highly durable and will last a long time. Using the ‘Giclee’ process makes the images look as if Glen Green painted the portrait just for you!

The quality of the prints are amazing and they look extremely life like. If you are looking for a gift for some one who is a hockey nut, you should think about sending them a Game On Images print. They will think its the best gift ever!

Hockey Gear Review has no choice but to recommend Game On Images for any hockey fan!

images courtesy of Game On Images

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